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The media is trying to destroy your life!

Breaking News ScreenBreaking News Screen

As you know, the USA just experienced one of the most deadly attacks in recent history. This post has been triggered by the recent events but is in no way limited to or meaning of any disrespect to those affected. My heart and prayers go out to all involved, but you as entrepreneurs need to be aware of how this news impacts you.

Did you know that we pay 10 times more attention to negative news than we do to positive news? This is where the phrase “if it bleeds, it leads” comes from. The news is filled with awful stories as that is what people tune into, are interested in, and watch. We now have a 24 hours news cycle and you can literally watch nothing but the news all day and night (the vast majority of which is negative).

I want to suggest that you go on a media “diet”. Watching the news, reading the paper, etc is killing your business. It stifles your creativity, paralyzes you with fear and inaction, and keeps you from making progress in your business. Yes, you can be aware of what is going on but at the same time you need to largely ignore and purposely eliminate negative news from your life. Trust me, if something significant if going on, you will hear about it. I oftentimes get yelled at at home for shutting the TV off when the same story of the latest doom and gloom or celebrity death is playing 24/7. I do this not out of disrespect for the story or lack of compassion but because I know I have to. You have to. You have to have a positive mindset of abundance and media consumption is one of the quickest ways to kill that. Later this will kill your outlook on life, kill your business, and become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

You need to be in absolute control of your mind. This is not some philosophical fluff, it is the truth. You control your destiny. You are a product of what you input. Ever heard “garbage in, garbage out”? It doesn’t just apply to food or production inputs, it is just as applicable to your mindset and life outcome.

From this day forward, take a stance to be in control of what you consume and aware of the consequences. Terrible things happen in this world every day and often times the best way to help if to rise above it (on many levels). You can’t help poverty if you are poor yourself. You need to drag yourself out of the boiling pot of water and then help others to do the same.

Take control now, before it is too late.

Justin Miller

Profit 911 Consulting


I confess, I can’t help your business

That’s right. I can’t help you. I got this email last week from one of my private consulting clients that really pointed out why and I wanted to share it with you.

Costa Rica Jungle Beach

Good morning Justin;

I’m doing GREAT!! It’s 5am here in Costa Rica. I’ve been up for an hour and a half just waiting for the sun.

Our event here went spectacularly well, client super pleased, local help did excellent. Basically a fully paid vacation.
I’m writing to you listening to the surf off my giant balcony.  We are in Jaco a surfer beach town about 2 hours from the San Jose, the capital.
Once I’m done writing this I will run 2-3miles on the black volcano sand beach, do my yoga stretch then swim in the Ocean!! Bottom line, LIFE IS VERY GOOD!!
But, it didn’t get this way by accident. Mike, and I created this life and continue to do so on a daily basis.
We are both very excited to have you in our world and a part of our team. We expect great things from you. We realize WE need to put in effort and put people in place that can execute on your ideas.
Did you catch the most important sentence and lesson that email?
But, it didn’t get this way by accident. Mike, and I created this life and continue to do so on a daily basis.
That’s right. If you are waiting for everything to be perfect, taking care of other problems right now, running without a plan, or think you can wait and do it later… you are wrong! You are in the exact place you deserve to be based on your actions to this point. Things WILL NOT get better on their own. A new politician elected to office is NOT going to improve your life or business. YOU are the one that must take the action.
In the same token, I can’t help your business. That’s right. It is up to you. I can arm you with the tools, knowledge, vision, and shortcuts but ultimately you are responsible for your success or failure (regardless of how much you spend with me). You have to take the steps. If you succeed it is all because of YOU, if you fail it is all because of YOU. This is not about me, I confess that your results are due to your own action or inaction. I am a mere coach along the way.
Justin Miller
Profit 911 Consulting
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How not to manage people…

I last wrote about a crazy ex-staffer. Now a little lesson on what you want to see in leaders in your company from Mr Dave Ramsey:

Justin Miller
Profit 911 Consulting

What to do when crazy enters your company…

Crazy angry aian man yelling at phoneCrazy angry aian man yelling at phone

The crazy I refer to is a person. Despite some very rigid hiring requirements and processes, every once in awhile crazy finds his way into our company. Over 100 employees have been part of this company since I started it and this somewhat comes with the territory but can still surprise you every once in awhile.

We had someone no-call, no-show last weekend and therefore get fired. We did cover it with another staff member but have a strict policy that there are no second chances for this type of offense. This person fell completely off the grid for several days until he sent this flaming torch via text to his manager…

I’m assuming you all fired me. Good choice. I didn’t believe in your company to begin with but honestly I want to speak a bit on that point; you have no direction whatsoever and It’s terrible.  You spread yourselves so thin and are always in a context of constant “hire hire hire” to trap idiots into Justin’s bullshit. I don’t care about his company and his growth. I don’t agree with his policy as a business owner. He is bad at business and you need to deal with that. I don’t care if I burn a bridge with saying what I say but honestly training should be paid for the whole way not me working an entire day with no pay. I won’t sit here and defend my actions because I feel like you shit on me and my skills by adhering to “company policy.” Obviously the policy doesn’t work if your overturn rate is so high. Just realize that this company is crap, if you were really legit like you made is sound you wouldn’t have had any problems. It would move like an efficient machine.
Oh and by the way the whole non reference thing is bullshit.
You people act as if you’re an established corporate entity…. You aren’t.
I’ve handed my card out to plenty of people spanning the entire sales demographic and none of them have heard of you.
Fun stuff, right? If this hasn’t happen to you yet, it will. Some haters are actually a sign of success. But there are some lessons to be learned here.
  1. You can’t want it more for them than they do themselves. This employee actually only with us a few weeks and appeared to be rock solid and was going to be fast-tracked. We still slow down because often true colors come out over time.
  2. Hire slow, fire fast. This also means we are ALWAYS hiring. We are ALWAYS looking for good people and don’t like to be in a place of NEEDING people fast. So yes hire, hire, hire when the right people come along and do everything you can to make them come your way.
  3. It isn’t about me. It is about the customer If somebody is focusing too much on the inside and not on the customer then they have the wrong attitude for customer service. It is not about your skills. It is about what you can do for the customer.
  4. Adhere to your policies 100% or there is no point in having them.
  5. It isn’t about fame. The only people you need to care about knowing you are your potential customers, which should be very targeted.

Bottom line, develop a thick skin. Eliminate the negative and keep on your mission. We also had a good employee put in two weeks notice as he moves on with his life and career in another direction. We wish him the best and there is not much story there. That happens to and you should be of service to that type of employee and encourage their personal growth.

Best wishes,

Justin Miller

Profit 911 Consulting

Budgets are Bullshit

Sorry if you find that offensive, but it needs to be said. Your clients likely don’t have a budget.



If during the course of selling your products or services you continually get the objection that it is not in the budget, you are being lied to.

This may be said in different ways: “We can’t afford it” “It’s not in the budget” “We blew the budget elsewhere” “We are trying to spend as little as possible” etc.

On one of my business breakthrough calls earlier today, an owner told me that all his clients are “on a budget.” I’m throwing the BS flag on this one, especially since this owner works in the wedding industry. Look, the amount of people that actually plan a wedding around a firm budget I would venture to guess are less than 5%. This is an emotional time and almost all purchases in any environment are made by emotions first and later justified with logic. They will buy what they want and find a way to pay for it. This is to the extreme in the wedding industry.

The other half of this equation is that if you as the owner have this belief, you will likely project it on your prospects and find it to be true (self fulfilling prophecy). You will have a hard time closing deals, even harder time selling high ticket items, and never realize it is your own mindset that is the real problem. You will find countless evidence that this is in fact the truth and ignore any advice that points to the contrary. You don’t think it can be done and if somebody else is doing it you feel the must be ripping people off. It is what we call a blind spot. Easy for someone on the outside to see but impossible for you to see yourself and even harder to work through on your own.

So when we get the budget objection we need to find out what they are really telling us. They may be saying it is more than they planned to spend. They may be saying they feel it is not worth the price. They may also have a completely different objection that they have not shared and you haven’t brought out. BUDGET is next to never the real problem.

Think about how much you spend in your own life on what YOU want… maybe eating out, maybe Starbucks, might be clothes, might be electronics…. whatever. If you want it, you find a way to come up with the “budget” for it. Especially those of you selling items under $3,000 this absolutely applies. If they want it, they most definitely can find a way to afford it. If the sales is $10k-25k, it is still true just a different person with another zero behind the dollar amount.

NEVER put your own beliefs into the sales process and your clients minds. Don’t put words in their mouths. This is about THEM, not YOU. Doesn’t matter what you think, how much you personally would spend, or how you prefer to buy. You are messing this up big time if you think for a second this is about you.

“Budget” is just on possible blind-spot holding you back. There are tons of them that I help people to discover and overcome everyday in my coaching business. If you keep doing the same thing, you will keep getting the same results. It’s time to do something different.

Justin Miller

Profit 911 Consulting


What do you really want?

As many of you know, I just got back from spending 3 days in Arizona with one of the best sales trainers on the entire planet. I was able to spend the time in a room with about 40 other entrepreneurs who were all kicking butt in their respective businesses. Day 3 of the training is “call day” where we all actually use our knowledge and get to work (I know, weird right? Sales training where you actually sell). Anyhow, at the end of the day our room had generated $1,224,786 in deals. You read that right… over one million dollars.



I spent the day talking to business owners just like you (maybe you were one of them even). I spent a ton of personal time and helped them formulate a solid plan that would add another $20,000 – $150,000 into their business in the next year. They all stated that is what they wanted. More money. The problem is they were not telling the truth.

They didn’t want money. When I forced them to dig deeper, we found what they really wanted…. freedom to take weekends off and still make money, more time with their kids, have time to work on building another business, to get more high paying clients, to not have to work a part time job just to pay the bills, etc. This is really why we are doing what we do… right?

It was scary for some of you to tell me these things. They are the things that sometimes we don’t even think about ourselves. They are the things that once you say them out loud they will haunt you until you achieve them. This is really what I help people to achieve. It is NOT about the money. There is always more money out there.

The problem is that most of the things I listed above are perishable. The time is gone before you know it and it is nobody’s fault except your own. About 80% of the people I talked to I could have easily taken to their goals but when it came time for them to draw a line in the sand and find a way to make it happen only the brave moved forward. I can’t want you to be successful more than you do. You have to take the first step. You will have to do the work. I am merely your guide.

If you are ready to quit messing around in your business… if you want to have breakthrough growth, if you want the freedom that comes with success, if you are willing to do the work… let’s talk.

I have a few spots on my calendar open. Let’s talk for an hour and get you a plan that makes it worth getting up each day. Let’s get you a real sense of purpose and a roadmap to get there.

Take the first step…..

Check my calendar here and schedule an hour with me. It is the first step that is always the hardest…

Justin Miller



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2 minute marketing quickie

Sitting in the airport waiting for a plane and thought I would share a quick tip…

ABCs of Marketing

Time is Money???

Time is money

“There’s a myth that time is money. In fact, time is more precious than money. It’s a nonrenewable resource. Once you’ve spent it, and if you’ve spent it badly, it’s gone forever.” ~ Neil A. Fiore

Think about it. I came to this realization a long time ago that money can be replenished and time cannot. You can apply this knowledge to your life in many different ways. How you spend your personal time, the value of family time, how you price your services, or my favorite as a driver to take massive action right now to build and grow your business.

I recently had a student fail to enroll in one of my offerings because they (from my point of view) felt content and had settled. Their business is doing over six figures and that must have been their goal. You may notice a lot of my marketing is geared at making “six figures” and this will mean different things to different people. For some it is $100,000 in revenue. For others, it is $100,000 in take home pay. And for others, it is a starting point to multiple six figures and building to a million dollar business.

I have a firm belief that when we become content and settle is when we start moving backwards. In business, if you are not moving ahead, you are killing your business. There is no standing still. You either continue to build and improve or you will eventually lose sales and die. It sounds harsh, but it is the absolute truth.

Every day there is more technology, more competition, more innovation, and somebody that is willing to outwork you. You have no choice but to continue to move forward and protect what is yours by building the future. Never be content. Always strive for more and realize that now is that time to make it happen. It sounds cliche but tomorrow never comes.

If you are waiting for the stars to align and things to be perfect, it will never happen. You will sit on the sidelines of life. Running in the hampster wheel, working hard, and not getting ahead. You will blame the government, the laws, the competition… anyone except the person who can do something about it… the face in the mirror.

Oftentimes we even know the best action to take. It is the one that is the most uncomfortable. It is that hard decision we have been avoiding. It is that investment that is going to hurt a bit right now but yield massive dividends in the future. It is our least favorite task of the day. If we are not doing it, somebody else will and will reap the rewards.

I urge you to make the most out of the rest of the day and the rest of the week. Reach out, get the help you need. Get moving the right direction at the fastest speed comfortable. Don’t be scared of what could be. Make what ‘could be’ a reality for you.  Nobody will do it for you. Don’t even think about it, just do it.

Best wishes,

Justin Miller

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Another Freebie Friday Photobooth Style

This weeks Freebie Friday is aimed at photo booth owners, but the information is solid for other industries as well. Enjoy!

Those that were not able to make it to my bonus session at Photo Booth Expo can now view it online. I have the recording available to be streamed through Monday. This was recorded in my suite without a microphone so it is not perfect audio but is usable. My intent was to use the recording just for myself but a couple people asked to see it. Enjoy!

Watch the training:



Have a great weekend!
Justin Miller
Profit 911 Consulting

The trap of the familiar

thinking and results feedbackFirst off, my apologies for the length of time since my last tip was setnt out. As many of you know, I will in Las Vegas for most of last week speaking and presenting a workshop. The week before that was almost 100% dedicated to preparing the workshop materials.

It now has been just under a week since me and some staff have returned to the office. While at the expo, we got all fired up and re-energized to kick some butt. New ideas and new ambitions were formed. Everybody always has the best of intents when they learn new ideas and get around other business owners. The problem is what happens when we get back home.

Most people very quickly get back into their same old routines and habits they had before the left. Within a week they are conducting business the same as usual. Everything they just spent time and money to learn is already out the window. They have good intentions of implementing what they learned but never actually find the time to do anything about it. It’s normal and it yields normal results.

If you want extraordinary results, you have to take extraordinary action. Action is how you get ahead. Action is what I help people with. Action is what you need. Back away from your usual routine and spend an hour intentionally creating a new routine and plan of action. Take a look at everything you are going and see if it all is part of achieving your stated goal. If it isn’t, then don’t do it.

Yes, this will be hard. Great success is not easy. Good things come to those that are intentional about making them happen.

Best wishes,

Justin Miller

Profit 911 Consulting

P.S. If you are interested in getting your hands on the recordings of our Six Figure Sales and Marketing Bootcamp from April 10th, then reply let me know. They are available at a nominal cost. Also, we have announces another Sales and Marketing Training Day in Las Vegas on March 19, 2017. The lowest price is available now. Info upon request.