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Free Bonus Workshop Monday, April 11th in Vegas

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Greetings and I hope you had a great week. I have a bit of a different Freebie Friday for those of you attending photo booth expo and those within driving distance of Las Vegas.

As you probably know, I am hosting an all day event on April 10th at the South Point Casino. That event is now sold out.

I had many people that wanted to attend but Sunday was not a good day for them. Here is another opportunity and the best part is this one is free…

On Monday, April 11th at 6:45PM, I will be hosting an after hours 90 minute bonus marketing session for those ready to take their business to the next level of success.

I will be the only presenter and I promise that this 90 min session is jam packed with real world examples of what is working in the event business.

In just 90 minutes you will learn…

1. How to get HOT leads flowing into your business every day like clockwork, without you lifting a finger.

2. How to at least TRIPLE your referral business in the next 6 months using one technique that only takes 15 minutes a month.

3. How to create cashflow surges in your business when you need them most. We use this exact technique every year to bring in over $10,600 in one day (and have for 7 years without fail).

This session is being held in our hotel suite so is strictly limited to 12 people (seriously, we can’t cram anymore in there).

Here’s the deal the session is at no charge but since we have such a small capacity we do require a $20 deposit to hold your spot. You will be handed a $20 cash refund when you enter the event on-time.

The registration site is:

The invitation code is: BONUS (has to be in all caps)

Best wishes for a profitable weekend…
Justin Miller
Profit 911 Consulting

P.S. I am going to start sharing this announcement on social media later today so register before everyone else now by going to: and entering invitation code: BONUS

How to turn $400 into $15,000 legally!

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You don’t have to deal drugs, rob a bank, or break the law to get an amazing profit in business. In fact, the more integrity you have the better you will do.

I have shared many times previously that you need to offer some kind of high dollar service (relative to your average price). One more example just happened this week in our office…

Yesterday morning I was working in the office before any other staff came in and the phone wrong. I picked it up and it was someone in need of a service that we offer (and subcontract in). It really wasn’t a big deal to us and we normally would make about $400 on arranging this service and subcontracting our vendor to provide the service (which by the way is not bad for a couple phone calls). I took the callers info and told her I would pass it along to the proper staff member when he got in that day.

When my staff got it, I passed along the message but also told him I think there was a need for additional services on this one and he should explore further. I could smell money on that call. This is a sense that you need to learn to develop. Johnathan called her shortly thereafter and decided to meet her at her office and the event site to discuss further (no other person she called did this).

When he arrived and they went over everything, he was enthusiastic and offered her much advice on a bigger vision for the event. We hunted around a bit for a budget number to work with by giving the usual range (we offer service from $500 to 50,000 so you really need to give us a general idea what we are working with). Get this… a $15,000 budget for the entertainment portion of the event. We have an awesome vision and a scaling it back to hit $15k (yes things can get expensive quick). I would say at this point we have 75% chance of securing the client around $15,000 that started as a potential $500. Best thing is about $8,000 of that will be profit.

So lessons to learn…

If you assume you miss out.

If you don’t ask, you will never know.

If you are lazy, you miss out.

If you act like all your competitors you lose.

This by the way is after putting out a $22,000 quote on a wedding this Monday. It can be done!

Best wishes,

Justin Miller

Profit 911 Consulting


P.S. There are just 2 days left to snag the tickets to the “6 Figure Sales and Marketing Academy” in Las Vegas on April 10th for $150 off. You can get more detail and register before the price goes up again at or contact me with any questions.




Why is it easier to help somebody else, than it is yourself?

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I have a dirty little secret I need to share. It is easier for me to help you grow your business, than it is for me to grow mine.

But why?

“It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.” —Napoleon Hill
“Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.” —Buddha
It may seem crazy, but it is very true. We often can’t find the solutions or overcome challenges on our own. A fresh set of eyes on your business can make quick progress. Now it is hard to share that my business is not perfect when I am paid to help others fix their businesses, but this is the truth of the matter. It is so much easier for an outsider to see things, approach from different angles, and find solutions that we as business owners can’t see for ourselves.

This is why I not only help others but hire coaches and mentors to help me. It speeds up the learning curve and solutions or options are often quickly obvious to somebody that is not involved with the business. I suggest you get help from somewhere. I don’t care if it is from me. I will be fine. But find someone to help you now before the time or another opportunity passes you by.

Best wishes,

Justin Miller

Profit 911 Consulting


P.S. I still have a few seats open for you to get the help you want at my April 10th event. for more details.

Monday Motivation & A Special Announcement


Happy Monday to you!

I just got back into the office after being out all last week to speak at Mobile Beat Las Vegas in front of about 600 disc jockey business owners. First off, I must say that I am impressed. I was given the 9am (first) speaking slot on the second day. I have spoke in the first spot at Mobile Beat many years ago and only about 40 people cared to wake up in time. They spent probably over $1,000 to attend and didn’t even both showing up in the morning. This year, that was not the case. Roughly 500-600 true DJ business people were in their seats and ready to learn when I took the stage at 9am. I worked hard to deliver a valuable presentation that would make everybody in attendance some money if they took action on the ideas presented.

That’s the kicker though, too many people in the room are going to do nothing. They showed up but when it comes to hard work and dedication to action to make things happen this week, they won’t do it. They will come back refreshed and ready to conquer the world but then slowly (or quickly) fall back into the same old routine and get the same old results. Don’t let this happen to you, let this be your week. Take action right now. Do something new. Get new results. It’s easier to steer in the right direction than to get rolling.


And then the announcement….

We are now under 20 days until my Six Figure Sales and Marketing Academy in Las Vegas on April 10th. I just finalized details on two huge guest presentations that day.


Guest #1: Zack Wenthe will be giving the morning keynote.

“Uniquely qualified to drive your business to the next level, Zack Wenthe is a serial entrepreneur, marketer, author, speaker, and family man. Throughout his career in media, advertising, hospitality, retail, and consulting, he has also owned several successful companies. More importantly, Zack has found that one of his greatest passions is working with businesses to help them grow and leverage themselves for profit.

Over the last 15 years he has created strategies and programs for countless businesses, counseled many of them on their marketing programs, helped them develop their business plans, guided them through the leasing of their first business location, and helped them promote their grand opening. The ultimate compliment, he has even been lucky enough to help with some of their expansions resulting from their combined successes!

He has worked with a broad range of customers and clients from startups to Fortune 100, including Walmart, Nationwide Insurance, Dr Pepper Snapple, FedEx Office, among many others.

Eager to share his passion, Zack has been invited to speak at various national conferences and events throughout the country. From private workshops to large keynotes, Zack loves to speak to audiences and give them actionable insights that they can immediately try in their business.

He is a published author and contributor and working on his next book Marketing X: Applying Leverage to Multiply Your Marketing Results”


brian_h17Guest #2: Brian Hahn: CEO of Go Social Experts will be presenting via skype a special presentation on Facebook marketing you don’t want to miss.

“Brian is the Founder/CEO of Go Social Experts. He specializes in helping business owners and their teams profitably use Facebook Advertising. He takes an innovative approach to Facebook advertising based on his knowledge of Facebook and his 30+ years of owning businesses in the retail and food service industry to custom build a system just for you. He’s the author of the book “Fixing Facebook Turning Your Fans and Followers Into Paying Customers” as well as the creator of “Smart Facebook Marketing” which teaches business owners or one of their team how to profitably use Facebook for marketing their business. Over the past four years Brian has worked with over 200 businesses in the United States and Canada to develop and implement Facebook marketing systems. He’s worked in the RV Industry, the Spa Industry, the hospitality industry and many others. He works with businesses that sell online only as well as local businesses that sell nothing online. He supports Special Olympics, The Children’s Miracle Network as well as the Boy Scouts of America where he’s been a registered leader for over 14 years.”


The rest of the day will be covered by yours truly.

Best wishes,

Justin Miller

Profit 911 Consulting


P.S. I still have four open seats to the Sales and Marketing Academy on April 10th in Las Vegas. They can be yours for free! Here’s the deal. Just pay $100 refundable deposit (I want to make sure you show up as this is a very small group of elite business owners). You get to pay at the end of the day IF and ONLY IF you feel you get 5x your money’s worth out of the event. It if doesn’t live up to the hype, you get the $100 deposit back and pay NOTHING. Email me at if interested as I expect these 4 seats will go quick (especially with the addition of the new guests). You can check out all the event details at


Quit Whining and Grow Your Business Already

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How To Make An Extra 6 Figures This Year in Your Business

Hey I have a quick message for you…

As you probably have heard, we are now exactly 30 days from and a handful of tickets away from selling out the Six Figure Sales and Marketing Academy we are hosting April 10th in Las Vegas.

And that was BEFORE I added this incentive:

For the rest of this week only, you can get $100 off the registration fee and also pay for your ticket in two payments.

The results from previous students of mine are incredible and you can get results for your business too.

Look, here’s the honest, brutal truth of running a small business…

Everybody I know, who’s pushed hard to succeed and grow their own business, has those days when they just want to:

Make a blanket fort and not come out.
Cry, and stay in bed and cry more.
Burn down their entire business and walk away.
Start a fantasy business that would allow them to never deal with people.
Take out their s**t on someone else.
Kill that person who’s screwing them over.
Burn the whole world down.
Say that horrible non-take-back-able thing.
Fire that entire office full of people.
Drink, and drink, and drink and hope it fills the pain.

It’s common.

So common.

You thought it was just you?



It’s ok, it’s not just you!

But what do you DO about it?

The horrible / wonderful truth is, you’re as happy as you allow yourself to be.

The things you try and control – end up controlling you.


Join me and other like minded business owners on April 10th. Let’s work together to get your business growing so you can enjoy life more. Let’s put the fun back in this thing.

Right now you can register at this special link for discounted tickets and a two monthly payment option if it helps:

See you there!
Justin Miller
Profit 911 Consulting

P.S. We are down to just a handful of seats so don’t miss out. Go to now and make your business grow. I also have a couple people that bought tickets and now can’t make it. Let me know if you might want them as they are willing to give them away cheap if it helps someone else.

I quit! Question from a subscriber.

burning bridge

What to do when staff goes bad. I got this email last week from an email subscriber… and actually just had to terminate a staff member in my company as well so thought I would share my response with everyone…


Just wondering what business practice you use when employees give a two week notice?

If they are unhappy and leaving I worry about them training a replacement. As upper management I also question them tainting the rest of the employees.  However they have been with my company for over 7 years and they just can’t handle change.

Wondering what is the best way you have handled this?


Hey Tom.

Staff changes are always a bit of a sore subject regardless of whether it is by an employee quitting or being terminated. 

What to do when somebody puts in two weeks notice will depend on what you have in place in your business.

My preference is to immediately remove the employee if at all possible rather than waiting two weeks. As soon as they put in notice, their long-term interests are no longer aligned with yours. It’s like ripping off a band-aid. I prefer to do it quick and get it over with and move on with life and business. It is nothing against any individual employee, it is just our process. If they are unhappy, it is even more important to remove them quick. As Dave Ramsey says “Hire slow, fire fast!”

With that being said, if your ducks are not in a row it won’t be that easy. Having them train their replacements usually will cause them to train some bias and attitude as well. Something you may not want. I would train them yourself or better yet have a designated staff member do all the new hire training moving forward. Training is a skillset that not everybody possesses.

Hope that helps you. Remember that this is probably going to benefit you in the long run. You don’t want staff that doesn’t want to be there. It is an infectious disease that will ruin your business and your joy.

A serious topic for a Monday, but one that shouldn’t be put off.

Best wishes,

Justin Miller

Profit 911 Consulting

The $100 Dollar Rule

100 Dollar BillsI was reminded by my operations manager of a rule I had implemented long ago and assumed was still in place but hadn’t been spoken about in awhile. That is the $100 rule.

The concept is simple. Any staff member has the authority to settle any problem, issue, challenge by spending up to $100 if needed to make the client happy or satisfy the job requirements. They don’t need to call a supervisor. They don’t need to do anything but pull their company issued debit card from their wallet/purse and take care of the problem.

Any time this has been done, it has resulted in saving us more than $100 (in extra wages, refunds, etc). It not only prevents many problems, but keeps management’s phone from ringing 20 times a day with problems that are easily fixed. It also makes staff feel empowered, because they are.

That’s it. That is the one hundred dollar rule. It sounds simple. but it can be transformational in how your business operates.

Best wishes,

Justin Miller

Profit 911 Consulting


P.S. Check out our new website and let me know what you think. It is a lot easier now to search and find past articles of interest to you by using the category search feature.

Be A Leader!

Boss vs Leader

Hope you are kicking butt this week so far in your business. I wanted to share a little insight on something that comes up around the office here quite often. That is the concept of being a leader. If you are self-employed and want to have any chance of thriving, then you have to be a leader. That being said, you really need to hire and work with leaders as well.

You shouldn’t be a boss. You shouldn’t have “workers”. You need leaders.

Drive employees, inspire fear, blame, takes credit, commands, etc…

Coach, use goodwill, fixes breakdowns, gives credit, etc…

I am always looking to hire leaders. They don’t blame. When there are problems, they fix them without whining and without waiting for a pat on the back. The inspire others to not only follow but become leaders themselves.

I can tell you from personal experience that if you lack these leaders in your business, you will feel alone. You will feel like everyone else is stupid. You will want to give up. You will become more and more frustrated by the day.

You need leaders to surround yourself with and be among. You need support and team players. I am not sure if a leader can be created or must be hired, but you need to be working to find or create them. IT is vital to your success.

Best wishes for a great work week!
Justin Miller
Profit 911 Consulting

Cross country flight and a 6 hour drive worth it?

I had the honor yesterday of working with Chris and his team. It was a long day as we packed as much in ad we could, but should save them some major time in the long run. One team member flew from Texas to Minnesota and then they all drove several hours to my office in Illinois. A ton of travel and expense, but is it worth it? Check out the video.

They came looking to get their business processes more streamlined and automated with Infusionsoft (already using for 2 year). Should be rocking and rolling well now as long as they did their homework. Great to work with you all!

Valentine’s Freebie Friday

Hope you had a great week. I am trying hard to bring freebie Friday back to you and give you some cool things to look forward to each week. This week I have a couple…

For the Event Industry: I am going to be doing a free training on Tuesday that I have done in the past and was VERY popular. It is all about how and why you should diversify your business. I even share with you one of the ways we do so by offering outdoor movie services. We literally charge $1,500 to do one of these events and they are super easy. You don’t want to miss this training. Actually even if you are not in the events industry, this is an easy and fun standalone business to get your feet wet in the event world. Register now at:

For Photo Booth Owners: I have some free valentine’s day templates for you. Heck even if you don’t have a photobooth business you can still download them and use the graphics to do something cool for your sweetie this Valentine’s Day. Get them

That’s it. Have a great weekend!

Best wishes,
Justin Miller
Profit 911 Consulting

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