It’s very easy to get distracted by all the digital marketing options now available, all of them striving to get the attention of the consumer. Given the fact that people of today generally have at least a cellphone on them and usually a laptop or some other mobile device as well, almost everyone carries around with them several potential billboards for advertising. It’s not an exaggeration to say that digital marketing and advertising has reached a saturation point, and today’s consumers are just steadily bombarded with ads.

Considering an alternative advertising approach can actually be refreshing, and in some cases even unique in today’s approach to marketing. Direct Mail marketing has been around for decades, and it still proves to be effective at getting an impressive response rate from consumers. Over the years, direct mail has become much more sophisticated, and generally includes a good deal of effective personalization these days. All that helps to deliver a company’s message to consumers, and with less junk mail in mailboxes these days, more attention can be given to these direct mailings.

That has led to consumers developing loyalties for certain companies that have reached out to them, because consumers feel safer with a company that has a known physical address and physical presence in the business landscape. As opposed to the proliferation of online scams designed to separate consumers from their assets, many consumers are turning back to physical outlets rather than online ones to make their purchases. Since most people have their e-mail inboxes flooded with advertising initiatives from companies, that has left their snail mail boxes relatively uncluttered and easier to sort through.

If you’re thinking of the best way to reach customers these days, direct mail marketing should be one of the choices you include in your multi-channel advertising approach. If you’re going to go the route of direct mail marketing, your best bet is to collaborate with a company that’s been in the business for years, and can handle all the direct mail needs you might have.

Direct Mail marketing companies have had years to perfect their techniques and to increase their knowledge base. That’s why it would be highly beneficial for you to ally yourself with one of these companies, so as to derive all the benefits of their years of experience. You’ll see the results when more and more customers respond to your direct mail offerings, and you recognize that Direct Mail is responsible for a significant portion of your customer sales.

Benefits of using a direct mail marketing company

Here are some of the biggest benefits of using direct mail marketing, and working with a company in the industry:

  • Speed – companies focusing on direct mail marketing have processes in place that can get the mail out very quickly, and can respond to rapidly changing business needs.
  • Consistency – many companies leave mailing in the hands of a single person, and that opens up the possibility of inconsistency of mailing times and intervals. An experienced direct mail company will stick to your prescribed mailing schedule consistently.
  • Less mailbox competition – Not nearly as many companies are sending out physical mailings at present, because most are focusing on developing online and digital marketing strategies. Now the pendulum has swung the other way, and the typical consumer is bombarded with tons of online offers and deals. That has freed up mailboxes, so there is far less clutter there from ‘junk mail’ than there used to be, just a few years ago. With much less physical mail in the boxes, consumers are having an easier time sorting through it all, and can afford to pay more attention to those mailings they do receive.
  • Price – Outsourcing your direct mail process can be just as affordable as hiring someone at minimum wage to do the job. Direct mail companies have economies of scale with their machinery and people that can serve to keep costs down.
  • Brand loyalty and recall – many consumers simply don’t trust online ads and sales pitches because they’re afraid of being scammed on the Internet. Instead, people tend to trust direct mail better, because it came from a known company with a traceable physical address, not a fly-by-night hacker. This can all serve to build brand loyalty to the company issuing the direct mail, and that information will likely be recalled later when another purchase needs to be made.
  • Navigate USPS Complexities – there can be some fairly complicated requirements imposed by the USPS when it comes to direct mailing. Any company that’s been in the business of direct mailing will know all the ins and outs of USPS practice, and will be able to avoid all the pitfalls.
  • Pairs up well with digital marketing – if you haven’t thought yet about pairing up your direct mail campaigns with your digital campaigns, you’re probably missing out on a great opportunity. All it takes is something simple like including a link or a QR code in your direct mail content, and the two can be married up on the spot. A multi-channel approach to marketing can give you the best of both worlds, and can increase engagement with your customers to the level you were always hoping for.
  • Specialized skills – It stands to reason that any company in the direct mail industry will have developed some specialized skills such as design, mailing and pre-sorting, printing, and finishing, all of which are handled by professionals.
  • Value of physical mail – one of the reasons direct mail has persisted in the marketing landscape is the underlying reason that humans are hard-wired to prefer touching something when they’re trying to process it. That means we’re all more efficient at sorting through physical mail and engaging our brains to evaluate it – as opposed to reading through virtual mail in an email input box, or texts sent by colleagues.
  • Machinery – Most direct mail companies have considerable investments in specialized equipment that gives them a huge advantage that any normal office simply would not have.

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