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The $100 Dollar Rule

    100 Dollar BillsI was reminded by my operations manager of a rule I had implemented long ago and assumed was still in place but hadn’t been spoken about in awhile. That is the $100 rule.

    The concept is simple. Any staff member has the authority to settle any problem, issue, challenge by spending up to $100 if needed to make the client happy or satisfy the job requirements. They don’t need to call a supervisor. They don’t need to do anything but pull their company issued debit card from their wallet/purse and take care of the problem.

    Any time this has been done, it has resulted in saving us more than $100 (in extra wages, refunds, etc). It not only prevents many problems, but keeps management’s phone from ringing 20 times a day with problems that are easily fixed. It also makes staff feel empowered, because they are.

    That’s it. That is the one hundred dollar rule. It sounds simple. but it can be transformational in how your business operates.

    Best wishes,

    Justin Miller

    Profit 911 Consulting


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