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662 Calls and No Sales

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    Last night we did a “call night” at our office in preparation and to boost response for our Black Friday sale. We had 6 people on the phones and placed 662 outbound calls to our master list of leads (we got about halfway through the list).

    The results for all the calls… ZERO sales. Now you may be thinking what a waste of time and money but the goal of the calls was not to get bookings. The goal was to get people registered for our sale and opted into email from us. About 1 in 10 people took us up on that. So ~60 people. Consider hourly wages probably cost us $500-600 just for last night. That may seem insignificant to you, but it actually a very significant number.

    From past experience, I know that on average each person account for about $210 in revenue during the sale. So 60 qualified prospects should yield around $12,000 in sales. Now the wages seem cheap in comparison.

    Yes, calling is one of the most expensive and labor intensive way to make a sale. That being said, it is still profitable and should be in your arsenal of marketing tools. Don’t get lazy. Your business depends on you.

    Best wishes,
    Justin Miller
    Chief Strategist
    Profit 911 Consulting

    P.S. For those of you in the photo booth business that are attending my 6 Figure Sales and Marketing Academy in April, I am working on bringing in a guest who runs call centers for a living to discuss this topic in detail. You can see more about the event at www.pbxpreday.com