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All work and no play kills Jack’s business


    Your message today is short and sweet. A reminder to have some fun and enjoy life. My car is in the shop today getting brake work done so I rode my motorcycle to the office this morning. It was a brisk morning with temps around 60F and reminded my of fall. While riding, you forget about everything else going on as you have to focus on the task at hand to be safe. I also remembered how much fun it is to get the dusty old kawasaki ninja out and take it for a ride.

    As business owners and entrepreneurs our minds don’t stop. We are always thinking about work in one way or another. It is important to play just as hard as we work. To have an outlet for the stresses of our job (which nobody can understand except another entrepreneur). I used to enjoy skydiving for the same reason… for those 1-2 minutes of freefall your mind is clear. Nothing else in the world matters. Then of course the endorphin rush also feels great as well.

    You don’t need to be into extreme sports. Your outlet could be family time, fishing, whatever. Just make time for you and what you enjoy. Easier said than done but muy importante.

    Have a great Thursday!

    Justin Miller

    Chief Strategist

    Profit 911 Consulting

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