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Black Friday is only 2 Weeks Away

    Black Friday Sale background. Christmas background

    Not many tips went out this week with business tips and for that I apologize. The reason is that behind the scenes we have very busy implementing our Black Friday sales strategy and getting all our ducks in a row.

    Black Friday is actually our highest sales day of the year in our event business and I think that every business in every industry should run some type of promotion (funerals would be hard but I bet it could be done). Consumers are running around with their wallets open spending money and you really should be present and available to collect some of that coin.

    It isn’t too late to plan a promotion and get it in place. Just remember it is not a case of “if you build it, they will come”. You actually have to give great value and promote the heck out of it. Our promotion includes two rounds of postcards, several emails, facebook ads retargetting ads, and even outbound phone calls. The more methods you use, the better.

    Seriously, don’t miss the boat or think it can’t be done in your industry. Make it happen and reap the rewards.

    Best wishes,
    Justin Miller
    Chief Strategist
    Profit 911 Consulting