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How to Build Instant Rapport with Leads

    Having trouble closing more sales? Ever feel like your customer just doesn’t fully trust you but you can’t put your finger on why that is?

    The truth is that we put out signals to them. There are hundreds of aspects of you and our company that a potential buyer either consciously or subconsciously sizes up in very short order and can make or break a sale.

    In all honesty, there are some things that you just cannot change, but there are also a ton of things you can be in control of to swing the odds in your favor. Of course there is physical appearance of your staff and your business, confidence you portray, etc but there are also things that we sum up as ACE.

    That is Authority, Celebrity, and Expertise. If you get these three things working for you then everything else becomes less important. These three things are also easily manipulated or manufactured if you know what you are doing.

    This Thursday I want to invite you to a live webinar I am doing on the ACE formula and how you can use to it to command premium fees, book more customers, and sell more easily. What I am sharing is a culmination of my 20 years being self-employed in addition with my background of being a former hypnotist and the techniques I used to influence people in hypnosis shows.

    You don’t want to miss this training. Right now there are no plans to have a replay so register now at:

    I will see you Thursday!

    Best wishes,
    Justin Miller