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Business Lessons from JetBlue


    I admit it. I can’t go on vacation without thinking about business and business lessons. My vacation last week was my first experience flying with JetBlue and honestly I didn’t know what to expect. The airline seemed to have good review but is still considered a “low cost” carrier. So I had mixed thoughts about them.

    We booked our airfare and hotel as a package through their website and that was easy enough. Then, I kept reading about upgrading seats but there was no way to do it without calling. First lesson, there should be a way to do it online. Anyhow, I called to get pricing and info. Call was answered almost immediately by a very friendly employee who was happy to help me. Customer service was great… lesson number 2.

    At this point the expectation was set that my call would be answered quick by someone friendly and knowledgeable. I actually had to call two more times and that was the case both times. Kudos to JetBlue to setting and meeting the expectation.

    Check-in at airport was pretty normal. I would suggest they have a VIP line to the counter for upgraded passengers or available to pay for. Used first class security line with quick results. Boarding was painless and seating area for upgraded seats was huge (and well worth it for a 4-5 hour flight). In-flight there were free movies, free drinks, and free snacks….. definitely a surprise for a low cost airline. (By the way 75% of the upgraded seats were unsold. Great for me bad for JetBlue. They need to do a better job of selling them.)

    On the return flight, longer counter line at airport but still acceptable. The plane had issues with several of the TVs which was quite disappointing since my expectations for the airline were now quite high. My wife was able to switch seats to a working one but this should have been proactively addressed.

    Overall the experience was quite pleasant and I would recommend the airline. The main lesson we need to look at is how client expectations are set. You need to exceed your customers expectations which can be difficult when you are not sure what they are to begin with. They come from reviews, your advertising materials, their own first hand experience, and a boatload of other places. Always over-deliver on what you personally promise and remember that once you do, a new expectation is now set. This means you have to continually improve in order to keep your customers thrilled and get new referrals from them. This never ends. Always move forward and you shall be rewarded.

    Best wishes,

    Justin Miller
    Chief Strategist
    Profit 911 Consulting

    P.S. The big announcement comes tomorrow (for those of you with photo booth businesses).