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I confess, I can’t help your business

That’s right. I can’t help you. I got this email last week from one of my private consulting clients that really pointed out why and I wanted to share it with you.

Costa Rica Jungle Beach

Good morning Justin;

I’m doing GREAT!! It’s 5am here in Costa Rica. I’ve been up for an hour and a half just waiting for the sun.

Our event here went spectacularly well, client super pleased, local help did excellent. Basically a fully paid vacation.
I’m writing to you listening to the surf off my giant balcony.  We are in Jaco a surfer beach town about 2 hours from the San Jose, the capital.
Once I’m done writing this I will run 2-3miles on the black volcano sand beach, do my yoga stretch then swim in the Ocean!! Bottom line, LIFE IS VERY GOOD!!
But, it didn’t get this way by accident. Mike, and I created this life and continue to do so on a daily basis.
We are both very excited to have you in our world and a part of our team. We expect great things from you. We realize WE need to put in effort and put people in place that can execute on your ideas.
Did you catch the most important sentence and lesson that email?
But, it didn’t get this way by accident. Mike, and I created this life and continue to do so on a daily basis.
That’s right. If you are waiting for everything to be perfect, taking care of other problems right now, running without a plan, or think you can wait and do it later… you are wrong! You are in the exact place you deserve to be based on your actions to this point. Things WILL NOT get better on their own. A new politician elected to office is NOT going to improve your life or business. YOU are the one that must take the action.
In the same token, I can’t help your business. That’s right. It is up to you. I can arm you with the tools, knowledge, vision, and shortcuts but ultimately you are responsible for your success or failure (regardless of how much you spend with me). You have to take the steps. If you succeed it is all because of YOU, if you fail it is all because of YOU. This is not about me, I confess that your results are due to your own action or inaction. I am a mere coach along the way.
Justin Miller
Profit 911 Consulting
P.S. If you are ready to take some action in your business and start getting the results you want, then let’s chat….


What do you really want?

As many of you know, I just got back from spending 3 days in Arizona with one of the best sales trainers on the entire planet. I was able to spend the time in a room with about 40 other entrepreneurs who were all kicking butt in their respective businesses. Day 3 of the training is “call day” where we all actually use our knowledge and get to work (I know, weird right? Sales training where you actually sell). Anyhow, at the end of the day our room had generated $1,224,786 in deals. You read that right… over one million dollars.



I spent the day talking to business owners just like you (maybe you were one of them even). I spent a ton of personal time and helped them formulate a solid plan that would add another $20,000 – $150,000 into their business in the next year. They all stated that is what they wanted. More money. The problem is they were not telling the truth.

They didn’t want money. When I forced them to dig deeper, we found what they really wanted…. freedom to take weekends off and still make money, more time with their kids, have time to work on building another business, to get more high paying clients, to not have to work a part time job just to pay the bills, etc. This is really why we are doing what we do… right?

It was scary for some of you to tell me these things. They are the things that sometimes we don’t even think about ourselves. They are the things that once you say them out loud they will haunt you until you achieve them. This is really what I help people to achieve. It is NOT about the money. There is always more money out there.

The problem is that most of the things I listed above are perishable. The time is gone before you know it and it is nobody’s fault except your own. About 80% of the people I talked to I could have easily taken to their goals but when it came time for them to draw a line in the sand and find a way to make it happen only the brave moved forward. I can’t want you to be successful more than you do. You have to take the first step. You will have to do the work. I am merely your guide.

If you are ready to quit messing around in your business… if you want to have breakthrough growth, if you want the freedom that comes with success, if you are willing to do the work… let’s talk.

I have a few spots on my calendar open. Let’s talk for an hour and get you a plan that makes it worth getting up each day. Let’s get you a real sense of purpose and a roadmap to get there.

Take the first step…..

Check my calendar here and schedule an hour with me. It is the first step that is always the hardest…

Justin Miller



Schedule your free discovery call here:

Free Bonus Workshop Monday, April 11th in Vegas

Free smiley icon

Greetings and I hope you had a great week. I have a bit of a different Freebie Friday for those of you attending photo booth expo and those within driving distance of Las Vegas.

As you probably know, I am hosting an all day event on April 10th at the South Point Casino. That event is now sold out.

I had many people that wanted to attend but Sunday was not a good day for them. Here is another opportunity and the best part is this one is free…

On Monday, April 11th at 6:45PM, I will be hosting an after hours 90 minute bonus marketing session for those ready to take their business to the next level of success.

I will be the only presenter and I promise that this 90 min session is jam packed with real world examples of what is working in the event business.

In just 90 minutes you will learn…

1. How to get HOT leads flowing into your business every day like clockwork, without you lifting a finger.

2. How to at least TRIPLE your referral business in the next 6 months using one technique that only takes 15 minutes a month.

3. How to create cashflow surges in your business when you need them most. We use this exact technique every year to bring in over $10,600 in one day (and have for 7 years without fail).

This session is being held in our hotel suite so is strictly limited to 12 people (seriously, we can’t cram anymore in there).

Here’s the deal the session is at no charge but since we have such a small capacity we do require a $20 deposit to hold your spot. You will be handed a $20 cash refund when you enter the event on-time.

The registration site is:

The invitation code is: BONUS (has to be in all caps)

Best wishes for a profitable weekend…
Justin Miller
Profit 911 Consulting

P.S. I am going to start sharing this announcement on social media later today so register before everyone else now by going to: and entering invitation code: BONUS

Why is it easier to help somebody else, than it is yourself?

Image 27

I have a dirty little secret I need to share. It is easier for me to help you grow your business, than it is for me to grow mine.

But why?

“It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.” —Napoleon Hill
“Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.” —Buddha
It may seem crazy, but it is very true. We often can’t find the solutions or overcome challenges on our own. A fresh set of eyes on your business can make quick progress. Now it is hard to share that my business is not perfect when I am paid to help others fix their businesses, but this is the truth of the matter. It is so much easier for an outsider to see things, approach from different angles, and find solutions that we as business owners can’t see for ourselves.

This is why I not only help others but hire coaches and mentors to help me. It speeds up the learning curve and solutions or options are often quickly obvious to somebody that is not involved with the business. I suggest you get help from somewhere. I don’t care if it is from me. I will be fine. But find someone to help you now before the time or another opportunity passes you by.

Best wishes,

Justin Miller

Profit 911 Consulting


P.S. I still have a few seats open for you to get the help you want at my April 10th event. for more details.

Cross country flight and a 6 hour drive worth it?

I had the honor yesterday of working with Chris and his team. It was a long day as we packed as much in ad we could, but should save them some major time in the long run. One team member flew from Texas to Minnesota and then they all drove several hours to my office in Illinois. A ton of travel and expense, but is it worth it? Check out the video.

They came looking to get their business processes more streamlined and automated with Infusionsoft (already using for 2 year). Should be rocking and rolling well now as long as they did their homework. Great to work with you all!

Getting started is tough…

Possible Not Impossible

As some of you know, I have been crazy busy on the phone doing free one on one 30 minute mini strategy sessions. Call after call I hear excuses as to why someone can’t do what they want. Why they won’t invest in themselves. Why they CAN’T do all kinds of things.

It is very disheartening. I can see more potential in most people’s businesses than they can in their own. The bottom line is they just need to do something… anything to turn the corner. I think psychologically many people are scared of success. Many people even know logically the right steps to take but just won’t do them. Many of them I can absolutely help take their business to the next level but they need to take action first.

Don’t be like the majority. Make a plan. Do something. Take the first steps, they are often the hardest. If you don’t know how to do it, then find someone who has done it and ask them. There are tons of shortcuts to success but you still have to take action or pay someone to do it for you.

The new year is often full of BS goals that will never be achieved because they were poor goals to start with. Get someone to help you. Get it done.

Take action now….
Justin Miller
Chief Strategist
Profit 911 Consulting

It could be too late for your New Year Resolutions!

new year resolution

Yesterday I came across a facebook post that said something along the lines of “those who wait until January 1 to take action on their resolutions are likely to fail.”

Makes perfect sense. If you have resolved to do something, you don’t wait until the calendar tells you it is time. You do it right now. This is what successful people do.

Almost two weeks ago, I started a diet and exercise plan including BeachBody’s P90 workouts. Could I have waited until the 1st? Sure, but why? I had many family and friends tell me I picked a terrible time to start a diet because of the holidays. Actually, I could not have picked a better time. If I waited I would have moved even further the wrong way due to holiday eating habits.

If you really believe something is the right path, you need to take action right now on going down that path. There will always be an obstacle or an excuse. It is up to you to be different. To ignore what everyone else does. Do what you know is right and do it right now. Take control.

Words do little to make things happen. Results are all because of actions taken.

Best wishes,
Justin Miller
Chief Strategist
Profit 911 Consulting

P.S. If now is the right time to move your business forward, I still have a couple openings:
“We’re looking for 10 people who want to really change their business in 2016.
Before you make a mistake and waste any more money on advertising or things that don’t work, take some time to meet with us and see why we are the most recommended business coaches in the industry.
The first 10 people who send us a private message at with 3 days and times this week or early next week they can get on a call with me personally will receive a FREE $25 Amazon gift card as a gift for setting up a Business Success Session.
If you decide that we’re not a fit for you you’re out nothing and you have a gift card as a a gift from us.
If you decide we’re a fit…it might be the turning point in your business and life.”

What Shark Tank’s Daymond John Told Me

Justin with Daymond John

Justin with Daymond John

Last week I had the amazing opportunity to meet Daymond John in a closed door VIP session with about 40 other business owners. Daymond is one of the founders of FUBU and well known for his role on ABC’s hit show Shark Tank (which you should be watching). Anyhow, I got a chance to ask Daymond a question and picked up a few tidbits of gold that you need to know.

Daymond repeatedly said during his keynote speech and when questioned in the VIP session that mentors are often the key between business success and failure. Coaches and those that can help you often will make or break you. It doesn’t matter what level of success or failure your business is at, there is somebody that can help you overcome the hurdles much more consistently and quicker than you could on your own.

Tomorrow I will share with you the second piece of wisdom he gave…

Justin Miller
Chief Strategist
Profit 911 Consulting
Continue the conversation at

P.S. This is why I love what I do. I get to help others grow their businesses ten times faster than they could on their own. When you are ready to talk about group or private coaching from me, let me know. I am here to help you and your investment with me often pays back ten-fold in short time. One client just told me he booked three accounts worth over $100,000 from my techniques within the first 6 months (this doesn’t count the smaller accounts he booked as well).