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Another Freebie Friday!

Hope you had an awesome week!

Hopefully you forgive me, this weeks Friday Freebie is free if you cover my cost to get it made and sent to you of $6.95 in the USA and $12.95 international.

13 of My Biggest Business Growth Tips…
2 Live Seminars…
Packed on One DVD…
Just pay shipping and handling (exactly what it costs me to get this to you) of $6.95 in the USA and $12.95 international.

“7 Ways To Double Your Photobooth Business…FAST” Webinar Recording
Here is some of what is covered:
How to overcome someone who tells you there is no money left in the budget!
How to create cash surges in your business.
How to know when it is time to buy more booths… don’t get this wrong or it will cost you big.
How to outsell your cheap competition
How to continue to sell to nonresponsive inquiries without wasting your time…. and more.

“6 Breakthrough Concepts” Recorded Live at ARMDJs convention in 2015.
Do you ever feel stuck but at the same time know you are on the verge of a major breakthrough? Justin Miller will present 6 breakthrough ideas in business that catapult sales and profits. Oftentimes the biggest problem in our business is the person in the mirror! Justin will explain how certain beliefs and commonly taught business principles actually hinder your success and how to get around these hidden roadblocks. If you are struggling to grow or simply have a desire for more, this presentation could be worth over $100,000+ to you easily.

There ya go. You can order online now at:

Best wishes,
Justin Miller
Chief Strategist
Profit 911 Consulting
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P.S. I will only be doing one batch of these free DVDs and placing one order with my fulfillment center. Please get your order in now as I will put the order in on Monday. Go now to:

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Freebie Friday

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Happy Friday!

I am going to try something new this week that we will call Freebie Friday. I will share some of my favorite things absolutely free. Let me know you if like this and I will do it again next week.

Software for screenshots and quick video capture: Jing

Installs on your computer and is always ready to go when you need a partial or full screenshot or want to shoot and share easily a quick video or tutorial. Download at:

Amazon Business

I am a huge fan of Amazon and love my prime account but recently Amazon launched a service that allows businesses to have some special features. If you don’t have prime, then I would sign up for this. Special pricing and shipping benefits and no cost to join.

Business Health Audit

My company, Profit 911 Consulting, offers a free business checkup for you at


Have a great (and profitable) weekend!

Justin Miller

Chief Strategist

Profit 911 Consulting

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Attention Photo Booth Owners: I will be hosting an exclusive pre-day at Photo Booth Expo in Las Vegas NV on Sunday, April 10th. This will be either a half or full day of in-depth training and workshop on getting more customers at higher prices and growing your business. We are limited on space to only 15 attendees as we will be hosting the meeting in a luxury suite (you know where the rich people stay in the hotel that is a room larger than many houses). If you want some more info, please reply or email and let me know. Our official announcement will be coming in the next few weeks but I wanted to give you a heads up if case you wanted to reserve a spot early.