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Cross country flight and a 6 hour drive worth it?

I had the honor yesterday of working with Chris and his team. It was a long day as we packed as much in ad we could, but should save them some major time in the long run. One team member flew from Texas to Minnesota and then they all drove several hours to my office in Illinois. A ton of travel and expense, but is it worth it? Check out the video.

They came looking to get their business processes more streamlined and automated with Infusionsoft (already using for 2 year). Should be rocking and rolling well now as long as they did their homework. Great to work with you all!

Did Black Friday Make You Money?

We survived the Thanksgiving and subsequent shopping holidays. So, one question for you…. how did you do? Did you find a way to cash in on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, or Cyber Monday?

Our Black Friday was down from last year but still one of our best days of the year.

I heard back from Aaron Abramson who followed our Black Friday Blueprint Training (with his own twist) who had this to say:
“Hey Justin,  I just want to say thank you for your Black Friday sale system.  I’ve been using Infusionsoft for a year and a half, and have done some successful promotions in the past…

But I have NEVER done a sale with a PDF price list with printable order form…  Opening up my emails to see orders sitting there is like Christmas!

I did modify the sale though… We’ve been running it all week (not just on Friday), and Saturdaymorning extending it until next Wednesday (we do well with extending sales).

$9133 in credit card receipts so far this week!”

Aaron wrote that email before Black Friday had even arrived following the basic principles on how we run one time promotions.

So, email me at justin@profit911.biz

Did you run a promotion? What did you do? How did you do? You don’t have to have numbers as high as Aaron. I want to hear from you.

Best wishes,
Justin Miller
Chief Strategist
Profit 911 Consulting