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Diversify Your Business… FREE Training


Thank you for being a follower of my teachings. I am going to be holding a very special training next Wednesday that I haven’t offered to anyone in about 5 years. It is all about how to add an additional profit center to your event business (which most of you that follow me either have a DJ or Photo Booth Business). This additional service is offering outdoor movies. It fits very well with any event business and you can actually hire someone to run it all for you (in case you like running your booth or DJ biz better on the same night). We charge about $1,500 for each movie we show so you see it can add up quickly.

I will be doing the training twice next Wednesday. You can get more details and register by going to:

Do it now before you forget. You will also be able to download the notes for the webinar right after you register so you can look over those and see a little more about what I plan to cover and if it is worth your time to attend.

In the interest of full disclosure, I did sell my outdoor movie biz a few years ago for a nice profit and am relaunching right now as well. We STILL get calls for the movies and have been out of the business for 4 years. It is time to start making money again.

Have a great weekend!

Justin Miller
Chief Strategist
Profit 911 Consulting
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P.S. This free training is next Wednesday only. Register at:

What Shark Tank’s Daymond John Told Me

Justin with Daymond John

Justin with Daymond John

Last week I had the amazing opportunity to meet Daymond John in a closed door VIP session with about 40 other business owners. Daymond is one of the founders of FUBU and well known for his role on ABC’s hit show Shark Tank (which you should be watching). Anyhow, I got a chance to ask Daymond a question and picked up a few tidbits of gold that you need to know.

Daymond repeatedly said during his keynote speech and when questioned in the VIP session that mentors are often the key between business success and failure. Coaches and those that can help you often will make or break you. It doesn’t matter what level of success or failure your business is at, there is somebody that can help you overcome the hurdles much more consistently and quicker than you could on your own.

Tomorrow I will share with you the second piece of wisdom he gave…

Justin Miller
Chief Strategist
Profit 911 Consulting
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P.S. This is why I love what I do. I get to help others grow their businesses ten times faster than they could on their own. When you are ready to talk about group or private coaching from me, let me know. I am here to help you and your investment with me often pays back ten-fold in short time. One client just told me he booked three accounts worth over $100,000 from my techniques within the first 6 months (this doesn’t count the smaller accounts he booked as well).

Coming in Late August… Profit 911 The Podcast

podcast logo

Big announcement. Coming in late August. The Profit 911 Podcast! Really excited about this new way to share with you. Seeking special guests now. If you are interested in being a guest, please email us. The podcast will focus on business strategy, growth, and marketing.

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Free Webinar: 7 Ways to Double Your Photo Booth Business

Hey everyone, I am hosting a webinar called “7 Ways To Double Your Photo Booth Business FAST!”. It is totally free and sponsored by my company 99 Booth Templates. Check it out and hope to see yout there…

Business Owners: Kick the week off right!

Hope you had a great weekend. My crew spent 129 man hours on one of our events this weekend so we have been very busy. That being said, I was on-site for about 3 hours just to check in on this VIP wedding job. The rest of the weekend I spent with my wife and boys playing in the sprinkler and doing the household choirs. This is what I love about my business. I don’t have to be there. I chose to be there for the 3 hours because franklyit was a pretty cool setup with lots of toys.

As some of you know, I have been hosting some webinars lately to help you grow your business. One that I am currently doing and has received some amazing feedback is meant for photo booth business owners (but good for any business) is called “7 Ways to Double Your Photo Booth Business.”

I am getting a ton of emails thanking me for the awesome info. That’s great but here is the feedback I really want to hear… “Good Morning Justin! thank you so much for the webinar the other day! Great info that DOES work – I just sold a job on the payment plan idea you gave us (thank you!!)” -Kimber Becker from Fun Fab Photo Booths & DJs. She did this within days of getting the info.

Money likes speed. Implement quick and results will follow. Start you week off right and do something now.

Justin Miller
Chief Strategist
Profit 911 Business Consulting

P.S. If you haven’t seen the webinar yet, I am hosting it a few more times. You can register for free at:

P.P.S. If you are really serious about kicking your business up a notch, then take my free online business health audit at: and I will personally help you one on one find your weak spots.

Justin to Speak at Mobile Beat Las Vegas

mblv 2016 speakers

The lineup of speakers has just been officially announced. Check out an all new seminar on explosive business growth by Justin Miller at Mobile Beat Las Vegas on March.


Justin to Speak at ARMDJs on June 24

ARM DJsJust confirmed today that Justin Miller will speak at the ARMDJs convention in Greeneville, Tennessee on June 24th. He will be presenting 6 Breakthrough Concepts. 
“6 Breakthrough Concepts” Do you ever feel stuck but at the same time know you are on the verge of a major breakthrough? Justin Miller will present 6 breakthrough ideas in business that catapult sales and profits. Oftentimes the biggest problem in our business is the person in the mirror! Justin will explain how certain beliefs and commonly taught business principles actually hinder your success and how to get around these hidden roadblocks. If you are struggling to grow or simply have a desire for more, this presentation could be worth over $100,000+ to you easily.

Don’t miss this awesome event and great presentation. Additional information and passes are still available by visiting:

Disc Jockey News PODCAST Edition Just Launched

DJN Podcast
DJN Podcast

On Apple iTunes

You can now hear Justin’s insight and advice in a more off-the-cuff manner on the Disc Jockey News Podcast. Justin and the other writers for DJN are now providing a podcast version of the most popular articles complete with some more behind-the-scenes style info. You can check it out on the Apple iTunes store and subscribe today for free by clicking here.