One of Justin’s personal favorite activities is one-on-one consulting with business owners. Mr Miller offers full day in-person consulting and implementation sessions as well as telecoaching when in-person is not possible.

The current day rate for private consulting in our Moline, IL office is $2,970. If you require Justin to come to you, the cost per day is $2,970 plus expenses. Discounts available for multiple contiguous day sessions.

In addition to one-on-one coaching, Justin also runs several different group coaching sessions to allow business owners to get the help and input they need at a lower cost. The added benefit is that you can get input from multiple points of view from the others in the group.

If you are ready to quit messing around in your business,

if you want to have breakthrough growth,

if you want the freedom that comes with success,

if you are willing to do the work…

let’s talk.

I have a few spots on my calendar open. Let’s talk for an hour and get you a plan that makes it worth getting up each day. Let’s get you a real sense of purpose and a roadmap to get there.

Take the first step….. Check my calendar here and schedule a call with me. It is the first step that is always the hardest…