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What to do when crazy enters your company…

    Crazy angry aian man yelling at phoneCrazy angry aian man yelling at phone

    The crazy I refer to is a person. Despite some very rigid hiring requirements and processes, every once in awhile crazy finds his way into our company. Over 100 employees have been part of this company since I started it and this somewhat comes with the territory but can still surprise you every once in awhile.

    We had someone no-call, no-show last weekend and therefore get fired. We did cover it with another staff member but have a strict policy that there are no second chances for this type of offense. This person fell completely off the grid for several days until he sent this flaming torch via text to his manager…

    I’m assuming you all fired me. Good choice. I didn’t believe in your company to begin with but honestly I want to speak a bit on that point; you have no direction whatsoever and It’s terrible.  You spread yourselves so thin and are always in a context of constant “hire hire hire” to trap idiots into Justin’s bullshit. I don’t care about his company and his growth. I don’t agree with his policy as a business owner. He is bad at business and you need to deal with that. I don’t care if I burn a bridge with saying what I say but honestly training should be paid for the whole way not me working an entire day with no pay. I won’t sit here and defend my actions because I feel like you shit on me and my skills by adhering to “company policy.” Obviously the policy doesn’t work if your overturn rate is so high. Just realize that this company is crap, if you were really legit like you made is sound you wouldn’t have had any problems. It would move like an efficient machine.
    Oh and by the way the whole non reference thing is bullshit.
    You people act as if you’re an established corporate entity…. You aren’t.
    I’ve handed my card out to plenty of people spanning the entire sales demographic and none of them have heard of you.
    Fun stuff, right? If this hasn’t happen to you yet, it will. Some haters are actually a sign of success. But there are some lessons to be learned here.
    1. You can’t want it more for them than they do themselves. This employee actually only with us a few weeks and appeared to be rock solid and was going to be fast-tracked. We still slow down because often true colors come out over time.
    2. Hire slow, fire fast. This also means we are ALWAYS hiring. We are ALWAYS looking for good people and don’t like to be in a place of NEEDING people fast. So yes hire, hire, hire when the right people come along and do everything you can to make them come your way.
    3. It isn’t about me. It is about the customer If somebody is focusing too much on the inside and not on the customer then they have the wrong attitude for customer service. It is not about your skills. It is about what you can do for the customer.
    4. Adhere to your policies 100% or there is no point in having them.
    5. It isn’t about fame. The only people you need to care about knowing you are your potential customers, which should be very targeted.

    Bottom line, develop a thick skin. Eliminate the negative and keep on your mission. We also had a good employee put in two weeks notice as he moves on with his life and career in another direction. We wish him the best and there is not much story there. That happens to and you should be of service to that type of employee and encourage their personal growth.

    Best wishes,

    Justin Miller

    Profit 911 Consulting