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Declare Your Independence

    My friends here in the United States will be celebrating Independence Day on Monday, but the sad fact is that many of them are slaves. Slaves to their businesses. Slaves to their jobs they have created. Now is the time to declare your personal independence!

    independance day

    Many of you started your business to enjoy the freedom that can come from owning your own business. The problem is you may have traded a 40 hour a week job for an 80 hour per week business with no paid holidays, time-off, or benefits! You work, work, work but do not focus on the areas that can help you get that freedom back in your life. That personal freedom to do what you want and produce the income to be able to afford what you want. Instead you feel trapped, stuck against a wall, bumping into the ceiling. You don’t feel free at all. You just feel pressure.

    Fear not! You can get the things you originally set out for. The first step is to take a stand and say “enough is enough” and to start taking actions right now to get you there. Stop focusing on short-term gain while sacrificing long-term success. I help people with this every day. Ultimately, you have to declare you won independence. Nobody else is going to do it. There is never a perfect time. There will always be challenges and obstacles. Just keep moving forward. You can do this. You will do this. I am here to help.

    Best wishes for a great independence day and success beyond your wildest dreams!

    Justin Miller

    Profit 911 Consulting