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Disney = Service

    Magic Kingdom Castle at Christmas

    I just got back from Orlando along with a couple of staff members and got a chance to spend a night and day at Disney World. Disney is known for customer service oriented employees and for the most part, this is exactly what we experienced.  I should preface this by letting you know that one of my employees that was with has worked for a major US amusement park chain and was floored by the difference between the Disney experience and the parks he has worked at and visited.

    A couple examples come to mind on Friday night when we were at Hollywood Studios. First off, my buddy kept commenting on how the employees all seemed to actually enjoy their jobs, follow procedures as they were supposed to, and smiled while doing it. They did not seem in a hurry to get home (even when it was pouring rain at 11pm on Saturday night). When we were having difficulties figuring out the fast pass system and how to link all out tickets etc, we decided to approach someone working at the fast pass entrance to the Rock and Roller Coaster. She answered questions, helped setup the app on our cellphone, and once done granted us access to the fast pass entrance immediately without us asking. Very impressive and “would never” happen at the other park chain according to my friend.

    The second experience that comes to mind was when we were leaving the Tower of Terror and headed toward the exit as it was past park closing. One of the workers on the street stopped us and let us know that the Rock and Roller Coaster was going to be open late if we wanted to go ride it. Wow. Couldn’t believe someone went out of their way to let us know. We asked another employee at the ride why it was open late and the response was that it was down for maintenance for 30 min earlier so they are keeping it open 30 min past park close. I have never experienced that at another park. More like “park is closed…. go home!”

    Disney had a way of making three random patrons feel like VIPs and have a great time and they didn’t even know it. I assure you though that they work extremely hard on that experience and train heavily along with hiring the right people to start with. What does the experience look and feel like in your business?

    Best wishes,

    Justin Miller

    Chief Strategist

    Profit 911 Consulting


    P.S. Tomorrow I will share with you the exact opposite experience I had with a vendor on the trade show floor at IAAPA (the real reason we were in Florida). If you ever exhibit at trade show or bridal show, this will be a must read for you.