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You Don’t Deserve Referrals

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    One of the biggest lies I hear business owners say all the time is that their business is built all by referral. Even worse is “if I do a good job, people will refer me.”

    There is some sort of entitlement that if you do well then you deserve to get referrals and that people will automatically step up to the plate and send their friends, family, and acquaintances to your business. SOME will but that number is insignificant. You don’t DESERVE referrals. You create referrals.

    Last week during our Profit 911 Inner Circle training we spent an hour talking about customer retention and referrals. People don’t refer on their own. They have to be trained to refer. You need to have a system in place to cause them to refer and take a deep dive into the psychology of why people refer. It’s not always for the reasons you think. In fact sometimes your best clients won’t refer because they are afraid you will become too busy to continue to serve them well. How’s that for backwards thinking?

    Take off your entitlement hat and plot out why people will want to refer, how you will encourage and train them to do so, and what happens after they do so.

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