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Good, Cheap, or Fast… Pick Two?


    You have probably heard this one before… you can only pick two out of the three choices… good, cheap, or fast. If you are like me you might call bull on this and search out someone that can do all three..

    Some of my best vendors consistently compete on all three items. As a service provider, you better at least be able to compete on two. It is possible to compete on only one, but it better be quality you pick. Someone will ALWAYS beat you on price, especially in small industries with hobbyists running around.

    That being said, game changers come along in even bigger industries. Think Uber vs taxis. I think Uber wins on all three right now.

    After my experience flying the past few weeks, I think JetBlue wins on all accounts vs Delta. JetBlue is supposed to be a budget carrier but also killed Delta in service and quality in my recent experiences (according to the axiom, this should not be possible). Think about what you can do to win in all three areas. I suggest it can be done in many industries (at least in the short term).

    Also remember to plan from the customers perspective of what defines good, cheap, and fast. What you think really doesn’t matter.

    Quick advice for today but very important and could be the topic of an entire seminar or workshop so I suggest some time reflecting, planning, and plotting how to win in this game of business. if you don’t have a clear strategy and place to fit into intentionally it will be a very bumpy road ahead for you.

    Best wishes,
    Chief Strategist
    Profit 911 Consulting