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Nothing beats real writing with pen on paper.

You know the benefits of sending a handwritten note to your clients and what it feels like to receive one. Not only does it improve open rates of direct mail, but it can also improve customer loyalty. Through personalized communication you demonstrate your relationship is more than just a business transaction. So much so that you took the time to personally write them (which next to nobody does anymore).

Profit 911 is rolling out its “real-handwriting” mailing service with its acquisition of and investment in best-in-class robotic writing technology.

Send Thank You Cards, Birthday Cards, Nice to Meet You Cards, and More!

This machine is not just another computer-generated font choice! It is a real robotic arm holding onto a Bic blue ink-pen that has all the characteristics of a real person sitting down and writing it by hand. The envelope and enclosed note both virtually indistinguishable from human handwriting without the time and effort you would need to do it yourself.

Now you can easily outsource it to profit 911!

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