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Hold Their Feet to The Fire


    When you hear that phrase you may assume I am going to be talking about staff but today I am actually speaking in reference to your customers.

    I had a potential consulting customer that wanted to purchase a product from me. I had given him a generous discount with a firm deadline and expiring link to buy yesterday. This morning I received a message asking for an extension because he was at a concert. My response… no.

    You may ask why I would turn down the sale and the money and it is important to know that there are several reasons.
    1. Integrity. When you say an offer is special and not normally available you better be telling the truth. Otherwise your customers will assume they can always get a deal on everything. They will know you are bluffing and can’t be trusted.

    2. Missed Deadline. I am very explicit when I make an offer and when I make a deadline it needs to be followed. See above and below for the main reasons why.

    3. Potential Future Problems. The person has already shown themselves unwilling to follow directions. In my world, that means they are likely to not follow directions in the consulting advice as well. That means they likely will get crappy results and probably blame my product and badmouth the training. It is not worth the money now for the slandering later.

    4. Training Your Customer. You have to tell your customers how you do business, how to contact you, and what is acceptable behavior. If you don’t do this, then you will quickly have chaos. It may come in the form of missed deadlines, heavy negotiations, late night requests for help, etc. It is your own fault if you did not make your expectations clear.

    Know what you want and why. Find people that fit into that to help you get there. Short term gain is never worth long term problems.

    Best wishes,
    Justin Miller
    Chief Strategist
    Profit 911 Consulting
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