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How not to do customer service


    The world provides plenty of examples of doing things the wrong way and here is just one more. American Home Shield and Sear’s Appliance Repair.

    As some of you know, my wife and I bought a house and moved about five months ago. The seller insisted upon including a home warranty from American Home Shield. I already know this plan was garbage but they insisted. As a side note, usually it is real estate agents selling this for a commission as a side profit center. This was a FSBO so there was no reason for it at all as it provided no additional value to me.

    Anyhow, it was included in the sale and the dishwasher broke shortly afterwards. Great, I now know I am going to have to deal with idiots. May 22nd, I submit a repair request online and they assign Sears Home Services to come out. Around May 30th they come out and are unable to reproduce the problem. I call Sears back when it occurs again (60 day warranty from them on repair). 2 hour phone call while they try to get authorization from AHS to come back again.

    We eventually get a return scheduled for Aug 10th between 8-12. I work from home that morning and at 11 they call to say it will be between 2-4pm (after wasting my morning). I tell them no, identify the problem and parts they need and they agree to order them.

    Parts are overnighted and arrive Wednesday. No contact from Sear’s. I text service tech with no response. Yesterday, I gave up and put the part in myself. In the afternoon I get a robocall to confirm my appointment for today 9/2 (3 weeks later). So here I sit waiting for the repair tech so I can tell them I fixed the damn thing for them and sign off on it.

    To recap, 14 weeks and 3 service visits for a simple one part repair. Don’t deal with these crap companies and learn from their lack of service. By the way, there is a $75 co-pay of sorts and the part would have cost me $135 (remember I am even the one that had to research and diagnose it). Never again.

    To succeed and grow you can pretty much do the opposite of what you see everyone else doing. It is a great first step and strategy. The masses are usually wrong.

    Best wishes,
    Justin Miller
    Chief Strategist
    Profit 911 Consulting
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