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How to Build a Sales Machine [replay available]

    In case you missed the live show I was a guest on back on Monday night, I see they have posted the replay on YouTube. The topic is “How To Build A Sales Machine” and is applicable to any business. My interview/training is only the first 30 minutes of the broadcast and I pack a ton of content into it.

    Check out the replay while it is still available at:
    [by the way, I give a link to get a ton of free stuff during the interview]

    Best wishes!
    Justin Miller
    Profit 911 Consulting

    P.S. I am considering changing my free email tips to a couple times a week as I am getting quite busy working with paying clients. I will let you know once I make a firm decision to change frequency of emails but right now I will be testing. I have also been working from home this week with my sick toddler which has limited time this week to send free tips.

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