Your landing page has one very important job. It has to capture attention and turn a visitor into a potential customer.

Landing pages need to be instantly engaging, while communicating the solution you’re offering to the problem your visitor has. If it’s not capturing their attention, or clearly conveying your offer, it’s failing as a successful landing page.

There are some best practice approaches you can take to ensure you’re creating a great landing page. Let’s take a look at them.

  • Design – The design of your landing page should match the type of offer that you’re making. Make sure that it ties in with the visual branding that you used in a paid ad or page where someone has clicked to reach your landing page. Clean and simple design is what you want to aim for here to reduce distraction and keep your visitor focused on your offer.
  • Headline – Your headline is one of the first things that a reader will see on your landing page. Keeping in mind that a person’s attention span doesn’t last very long, your headline needs to pull them in. Make sure that your headline aligns with the problem the reader is suffering from and draw them into reading the rest of the content.
  • Images / Video – It’s a great idea to use images and / or video on your landing page. These can engage your reader and encourage them to read further down your page. Video is a perfect opportunity to present an offer in an easily consumed format to your reader. It also allows you to convey more information than you can with an image.
  • Copy – The last thing you want to do is overwhelm your visitor with overly complicated copy. The copy of your landing page should flow succinctly, helping your reader to understand what it is that you’re offering them. Keep the copy easy to follow and talk to your reader in a conversational tone. Let them know that they’re in the right place to receive help.
  • Opt-in Form – If you’re collecting sign-ups or promoting a free offer on your landing page, ensure your form is easy to use. However, use this carefully, and you don’t want your visitor to feel like they need to do extra work. Keep it simple. Try not to use more than a couple of fields on your form as this can create hesitation.
  • Social Proof – Social proof is a very important trust factor for your landing page. It helps your visitor to understand that your company is capable of helping them and they can see genuine comments from real customers. Testimonies, reviews, and endorsements go a long way to establishing trust.
  • CTA (Call-To-Action) – The CTA of your page should be clearly visible and understandable to your reader. The CTA is the action that you want your reader to take, such as signing up to receive a free guide or choosing to make a purchase. Make the next step as easy as possible for your visitor to take.

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