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It’s my birthday, but the present is yours

    Boy birthday.

    First, the results from yesterday’s survey about what conventions you attend. In no particular order, here are the main responses:

    DJ Times Expo – Atlantic City

    Photo Booth Expo – Las Vegas

    Mobile Beat Las Vegas

    Las Vegas DJ Show

    All Kids Fair, Bridal Expos, Home Shows

    Wedding MBA


    IAAPA (been to this one several times and it is one fun expo)

    Sign Expo. Graphics of America

    Exhibitor Show

    Photo Expo






    Rich Dad, Poor Dad




    There ya go. I know I missed some but certainly there are some new ones on the list for you. Start googling to find out what they are. There were two major things I noticed….

    1. Many of you don’t go to expos. I think you are really missing out. Things are shared at expos that are not shared on the internet.
    2. Very few of you went to more than 1 or 2
    3. Almost none of you go to the “big” shows outside of your immediate niche.

    Often times the shows outside of your immediate niche are what spark ideas that can be brought back and applied to your company and industry and put you ahead of the competitor. This extra step is what will help push you ahead. It is like the very few people who buy and return my products because they literally want to copy word for word and have magic. It doesn’t work that way. I usually give you a framework to shortcut it for you. If you don’t take the very small effort to actually adapt and apply the materials, then I can’t help you.

    Which brings me to my birthday. I promised you a present and the world seems to be celebrating with me today. Fall is officially here and the weather is great. The Pope visited the USA for my birthday. The “Happy Birthday” song has been deemed safe to sing in restaurants without being fined for copyright violation.

    Click the link to see a special video I just recorded for you and details how to get your present…

    Best wishes,
    Justin Miller
    Chief Strategist
    Profit 911 Consulting
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