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It could be too late for your New Year Resolutions!

    new year resolution

    Yesterday I came across a facebook post that said something along the lines of “those who wait until January 1 to take action on their resolutions are likely to fail.”

    Makes perfect sense. If you have resolved to do something, you don’t wait until the calendar tells you it is time. You do it right now. This is what successful people do.

    Almost two weeks ago, I started a diet and exercise plan including BeachBody’s P90 workouts. Could I have waited until the 1st? Sure, but why? I had many family and friends tell me I picked a terrible time to start a diet because of the holidays. Actually, I could not have picked a better time. If I waited I would have moved even further the wrong way due to holiday eating habits.

    If you really believe something is the right path, you need to take action right now on going down that path. There will always be an obstacle or an excuse. It is up to you to be different. To ignore what everyone else does. Do what you know is right and do it right now. Take control.

    Words do little to make things happen. Results are all because of actions taken.

    Best wishes,
    Justin Miller
    Chief Strategist
    Profit 911 Consulting

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