If your marketing plan relies completely on email, your business may end up in the trash folder

But luckily there is still a way to get your message straight into the hands of your prospects, direct mail.

Your business is great, and you want to get that word out.

You want to tell your targeted niche about how you can help them, but that word probably isn’t reaching them.

Email deliverability is bad and getting worse. How many times have you had a message go straight to the spam folder? Just imagine how many of your marketing emails aren’t even having a chance to be seen!

Sending a well-crafted letter to your prospect may seem old fashion, but with other media outlets making it near impossible to do cold outreach, direct mail is coming back like a freight train.

Get your exact message to exactly who you to read it. Send your message through direct mail because your prospects mailbox doesn’t have a spam folder.

Designing, writing content, printing and mailing can be a daunting task. Luckly, Profit 911 Consulting can do it all for you!

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