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Monday Motivation & A Special Announcement


    Happy Monday to you!

    I just got back into the office after being out all last week to speak at Mobile Beat Las Vegas in front of about 600 disc jockey business owners. First off, I must say that I am impressed. I was given the 9am (first) speaking slot on the second day. I have spoke in the first spot at Mobile Beat many years ago and only about 40 people cared to wake up in time. They spent probably over $1,000 to attend and didn’t even both showing up in the morning. This year, that was not the case. Roughly 500-600 true DJ business people were in their seats and ready to learn when I took the stage at 9am. I worked hard to deliver a valuable presentation that would make everybody in attendance some money if they took action on the ideas presented.

    That’s the kicker though, too many people in the room are going to do nothing. They showed up but when it comes to hard work and dedication to action to make things happen this week, they won’t do it. They will come back refreshed and ready to conquer the world but then slowly (or quickly) fall back into the same old routine and get the same old results. Don’t let this happen to you, let this be your week. Take action right now. Do something new. Get new results. It’s easier to steer in the right direction than to get rolling.


    And then the announcement….

    We are now under 20 days until my Six Figure Sales and Marketing Academy in Las Vegas on April 10th. I just finalized details on two huge guest presentations that day.


    Guest #1: Zack Wenthe will be giving the morning keynote.

    “Uniquely qualified to drive your business to the next level, Zack Wenthe is a serial entrepreneur, marketer, author, speaker, and family man. Throughout his career in media, advertising, hospitality, retail, and consulting, he has also owned several successful companies. More importantly, Zack has found that one of his greatest passions is working with businesses to help them grow and leverage themselves for profit.

    Over the last 15 years he has created strategies and programs for countless businesses, counseled many of them on their marketing programs, helped them develop their business plans, guided them through the leasing of their first business location, and helped them promote their grand opening. The ultimate compliment, he has even been lucky enough to help with some of their expansions resulting from their combined successes!

    He has worked with a broad range of customers and clients from startups to Fortune 100, including Walmart, Nationwide Insurance, Dr Pepper Snapple, FedEx Office, among many others.

    Eager to share his passion, Zack has been invited to speak at various national conferences and events throughout the country. From private workshops to large keynotes, Zack loves to speak to audiences and give them actionable insights that they can immediately try in their business.

    He is a published author and contributor and working on his next book Marketing X: Applying Leverage to Multiply Your Marketing Results”


    brian_h17Guest #2: Brian Hahn: CEO of Go Social Experts will be presenting via skype a special presentation on Facebook marketing you don’t want to miss.

    “Brian is the Founder/CEO of Go Social Experts. He specializes in helping business owners and their teams profitably use Facebook Advertising. He takes an innovative approach to Facebook advertising based on his knowledge of Facebook and his 30+ years of owning businesses in the retail and food service industry to custom build a system just for you. He’s the author of the book “Fixing Facebook Turning Your Fans and Followers Into Paying Customers” as well as the creator of “Smart Facebook Marketing” which teaches business owners or one of their team how to profitably use Facebook for marketing their business. Over the past four years Brian has worked with over 200 businesses in the United States and Canada to develop and implement Facebook marketing systems. He’s worked in the RV Industry, the Spa Industry, the hospitality industry and many others. He works with businesses that sell online only as well as local businesses that sell nothing online. He supports Special Olympics, The Children’s Miracle Network as well as the Boy Scouts of America where he’s been a registered leader for over 14 years.”


    The rest of the day will be covered by yours truly.

    Best wishes,

    Justin Miller

    Profit 911 Consulting


    P.S. I still have four open seats to the Sales and Marketing Academy on April 10th in Las Vegas. They can be yours for free! Here’s the deal. Just pay $100 refundable deposit (I want to make sure you show up as this is a very small group of elite business owners). You get to pay at the end of the day IF and ONLY IF you feel you get 5x your money’s worth out of the event. It if doesn’t live up to the hype, you get the $100 deposit back and pay NOTHING. Email me at if interested as I expect these 4 seats will go quick (especially with the addition of the new guests). You can check out all the event details at