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Never Assume Anyting


    Yesterday I shared with you about our great experience at Disney and I promised to share my experience at the IAAPA tradeshow.

    First some background, this show is HUGE. With likely 10,000+ attendees and hundreds of vendors. The attendees vary in type of business greatly. That being said, we only walked the massive show floor on the last day of the show (Friday). The show had been running for several days prior to that. My aim in attending is to see what’s new, bring ideas from outside my immediate industry back to my company, and purchase anything that catches my eye as a profitable offering.

    After lunch Friday, we walked through the outside exhibit display and came across a neat interactive display. The sign said to sign waiver first so we found the vendor’s table. One guy working, sitting laid back in his chair, on his phone. There was a stack of signed waivers on the table and a pen. I asked him if I could try the product out and could not believe the response. Something along the lines of “no, we are about close up soon. I would show it to someone that was seriously interested in buying at this point but that’s about it.” I’m not sure what part of “buyer” and “management” on my badge (within his immediate industry he is selling to) said there is no chance of a sale. This guy was “done” with the show. I thanked him, said that he had made a bad assumption, and walked off.

    Let’s put this into prospective. He has likely spent $10,000+ to exhibit at this show. He assumed everyone had already been by that was serious. He had given up. I assure you there were buyers with money in hand still ready to spend at that point. I get it, he was tired. He assumed by my age and possibly attire I was not a sales lead. He likely did the same dumb thing many times that afternoon. I am guessing $10K to $20k in last sales do to his own attitude.

    How many times do you exhibit at a bridal show or trade show? Do you tear down early? Do you assume everyone has gone through before the show is over? Would you stay 10 minutes late and talk to a sales lead? Do you assume someone can or cannot afford you by their attire? Assumptions are a killer for sales. Always assume the best. Anything less is counterproductive and worthy of the “sales prevention department” title, which you don’t want in your company.

    Best wishes,
    Justin Miller
    Profit 911 Consulting