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It’s not all kittens and rainbows…

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    One of the problems with most coaches and consultants is they have no clue how to actually run a business and the struggles that go along with it. Yes, business IS personal. I actually practice what I preach and run multiple companies. I also have the same struggles and problems many other business owners have. It’s not always perfect. Once you climb one mountain their is another in front of you.

    This week was a rough one for our entertainment company. In fact, the worst in 20 years. We had not one, but two customers dissatisfied. First, it breaks my heart when this happens. We truly care and most clients are absolutely thrilled with the results they get.

    The first one, we dropped the ball on. Had some tech issues, and some down time. Had one staff member who was slow to return phone calls during the planning process. We issued a $1,000 refund.

    The second one was a different story. I honestly think we were being played and this rarely happens. In fact, never has it happened to this extent. It was a client who demanded perfection… total perfection. Any problem on their part during planning was an urgent emergency for us to help with (way beyond what we were providing). Never once told our staff there was an issue on-site but called Monday with a list of 10-15 things to complain about and demanded a huge refund. Funny thing, they called their other vendors with complaints as well. We did come to a settlement, shelled out some cash, and wished them good riddance.

    All this to say, I know the challenges of business. What I share is honest. Integrity stands above all else in my business and it should in yours as well. If you have a rough week, hang in there. Bad month, plan for a brighter future. The bottom line though is that if you are not happy with where you are, you need to do something different. You need to make a move, change things, and get the ball rolling again. That is what I am here to help with.

    ALWAYS feel free to reply or reach out to me if you need help. I never pressure anyone and will provide you with total honesty (even if it is tough for you to swallow).

    Best wishes,
    Justin Miller
    Chief Strategist
    Profit 911 Consulting

    P.S. We just got the details finalized on a workshop for disc jockeys in March around the Mobile Beat convention. Details coming soon, but let me know if you want the scoop early.