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If I had to choose only one new marketing piece to put into play in an existing business, it would be a monthly printed client newsletter.
-Justin Miller

One of the most important foundational pieces of outbound communication to boost client retention and referrals is a client newsletter. Not an email newsletter but a physical print newsletter that arrives in their mailbox every month without fail. This is vital to just about every business (even if they can never use your service again because they can still refer others). The biggest problem is that they are a royal pain to create content for and consistently send out. Profit 911 has the ultimate shortcut to getting a highly effective newsletter started THIS MONTH.

The goals of mailing a newsletter are:

  • Entertain
  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Build Trust and Credibility
  • Boost Referrals
  • Increase Retention
  • Provide Ongoing Contact (useful in long sales cycles)

The best part of newsletters is they are relatively inexpensive. In my previous company, the math worked out that if a newsletter recipient referred someone to us once every 40 years it was profitable to continue mailing them.

Our Newsletter Starter Special Offer:

Here’s what’s included: 

●     12 Industry Specific Newsletter Templates  – So you can swipe and deploy without spending hours bickering over a design.

●     24 Pages of Alternative Newsletter Content (so you can pick which will resonate with your audience better) – No wasting time thinking of what to write!

●     Custom Branded Newsletter Header Design – Build brand recognition and loyal by using consistent branding. 

●     200 4-page full color Newsletters Printed and Mailed via Standard Mail  – That includes all the folding, mailing, compliance, everything you need to get your newsletter out the door!

●     PLUS we’ll scrub your list, sort out bad addresses, and remove duplicates for FREE every month – No more spending valuable resources on worthless contacts.

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