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I quit! Question from a subscriber.

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    What to do when staff goes bad. I got this email last week from an email subscriber… and actually just had to terminate a staff member in my company as well so thought I would share my response with everyone…


    Just wondering what business practice you use when employees give a two week notice?

    If they are unhappy and leaving I worry about them training a replacement. As upper management I also question them tainting the rest of the employees.  However they have been with my company for over 7 years and they just can’t handle change.

    Wondering what is the best way you have handled this?


    Hey Tom.

    Staff changes are always a bit of a sore subject regardless of whether it is by an employee quitting or being terminated. 

    What to do when somebody puts in two weeks notice will depend on what you have in place in your business.

    My preference is to immediately remove the employee if at all possible rather than waiting two weeks. As soon as they put in notice, their long-term interests are no longer aligned with yours. It’s like ripping off a band-aid. I prefer to do it quick and get it over with and move on with life and business. It is nothing against any individual employee, it is just our process. If they are unhappy, it is even more important to remove them quick. As Dave Ramsey says “Hire slow, fire fast!”

    With that being said, if your ducks are not in a row it won’t be that easy. Having them train their replacements usually will cause them to train some bias and attitude as well. Something you may not want. I would train them yourself or better yet have a designated staff member do all the new hire training moving forward. Training is a skillset that not everybody possesses.

    Hope that helps you. Remember that this is probably going to benefit you in the long run. You don’t want staff that doesn’t want to be there. It is an infectious disease that will ruin your business and your joy.

    A serious topic for a Monday, but one that shouldn’t be put off.

    Best wishes,

    Justin Miller

    Profit 911 Consulting