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Quit Whining and Grow Your Business Already

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    How To Make An Extra 6 Figures This Year in Your Business

    Hey I have a quick message for you…

    As you probably have heard, we are now exactly 30 days from and a handful of tickets away from selling out the Six Figure Sales and Marketing Academy we are hosting April 10th in Las Vegas.

    And that was BEFORE I added this incentive:

    For the rest of this week only, you can get $100 off the registration fee and also pay for your ticket in two payments.

    The results from previous students of mine are incredible and you can get results for your business too.

    Look, here’s the honest, brutal truth of running a small business…

    Everybody I know, who’s pushed hard to succeed and grow their own business, has those days when they just want to:

    Make a blanket fort and not come out.
    Cry, and stay in bed and cry more.
    Burn down their entire business and walk away.
    Start a fantasy business that would allow them to never deal with people.
    Take out their s**t on someone else.
    Kill that person who’s screwing them over.
    Burn the whole world down.
    Say that horrible non-take-back-able thing.
    Fire that entire office full of people.
    Drink, and drink, and drink and hope it fills the pain.

    It’s common.

    So common.

    You thought it was just you?



    It’s ok, it’s not just you!

    But what do you DO about it?

    The horrible / wonderful truth is, you’re as happy as you allow yourself to be.

    The things you try and control – end up controlling you.


    Join me and other like minded business owners on April 10th. Let’s work together to get your business growing so you can enjoy life more. Let’s put the fun back in this thing.

    Right now you can register at this special link for discounted tickets and a two monthly payment option if it helps: http://www.profit911.biz/6figures

    See you there!
    Justin Miller
    Profit 911 Consulting

    P.S. We are down to just a handful of seats so don’t miss out. Go to http://www.profit911.biz/6figures now and make your business grow. I also have a couple people that bought tickets and now can’t make it. Let me know if you might want them as they are willing to give them away cheap if it helps someone else.