Nice Words from Nice Clients

Adam Witty & Darin Spindler, Magnetic Marketing | NoBS Inner Circle

Paul Hogan & Katie Hogan | Law Practice
Dr. Suhyun An | Campbell Medical Group

“Justin is a great teacher and motivator. I learned how to get going with Infusionsoft quickly thanks to him and as my business needs change, I would turn to him again to learn more about other features of the product. Can’t recommend him en”

Bob Stahl

“Justin is a wealth of knowledge and a valuable resource when it comes to infusionsoft and digital marketing. We appreciate his efforts and hope to continue working with him.”

Michelle Quatrale - BridgeWell Capital

“I was not completely new to Infusionsoft, but Justin was extremely helpful and taught me some great, new tools. He was also really flexible with my schedule, and personable. This was truly a great experience.”

Ericka Y'vonne - 849 Digital

“Justin gave clear instructions and was very easy to follow!”

Dr. Tasmin Cordie

“Great job explaining and getting us started!”

Kris Goggans - PPN Realty

“It’s really been a pleasure to work with you! VERY helpful.”

Gloria MacDonald

“So, just got done with a full day of Infusionsoft Training with Justin Miller. Brain’s a little fried, but a ton of great information. Really excited to take what we learned today and apply it to our businesses and watch everything grow. Th”

Chris Meyer - The Slow Motion Booth

“Absolutely fantastic experience Justin! Not only do I have multiple campaigns up and running, they are already driving traffic. Before I began using Infusionsoft, I had no idea how it would be best implemented in my business. Worse yet, I didn’t really understand what it was. Now I have a great handle on it’s capability and what features will help me be successful in what I do. You are a fantastic coach and resource with years of experience and it shows. Since online/email marketing is new to me, I feel like I am miles ahead in just a short few weeks working together. You have set me up for success which is way beyond my expectations. I want to personally thank you for your excellence and support. You are a “rock star” in my opinion. On a side note, I don’t give that type of accolade…”

Jon Melby - Jon Melby Airshows

“Justin is the BOMB! Down to earth and a smooth teaching and personality! Give that guy a RAISE!”

Dominic Holmes - Red Claw Conjure

“My business is growing every year with the help of profit 911. I would recommend this to anyone who owns a business.”

Dale Morris - Morris & Co Entertainment

“Justin was booked to help with my InfusionSoft campaign to create a webinar funnel to improve my mailing list. He went over and above my expectations, as he provided me with invaluable insight to how my website could be improved to generate more interest in my services. Ultimately, he assisted me in obtaining at least one new client within a few days with his suggestions for my website modifications. This will make me at least $2000+. Regarding InfusionSoft, Justin assisted me in organizing and simplifying a previously expansive campaign, as well as generate several mini-campaigns to help reestablish communication lines with a dormant mailing list. Thanks Justin!”

Robert Grigore - Grigore Couselling

“Just knows Infusionsoft inside and out and is a wizard at blending solid business strategy with logical technical solutions.”

Zack Wenthe

“I just wanted to reach out to tell you that moving over to Infusionsoft and Profit 911 was the best decision my business could’ve ever made. You and your team are amazing! Since April, my sales have doubled, and I am on pace to do well into the 6 figure mark, something I haven’t ever been able to do. My leads are up, my bookings are up. People can’t believe how fast we respond to their inquiries, and best of all it’s all automated. When I wake up in the morning or get back from the pool, multiple people are asking me to send them a contract, and where should they send payment. The only thing I regret is not doing this years ago.”

Ed Eaton

The experts at Profit 911 Consulting are the best brains I have had the luck to work with. Not only are they always ready to answer any of my questions, but their friendly, respectful manner makes them a joy to work with.

I whole-heartedly recommend them to anyone who wants to automate and grow their business.”

Lance Pincock

“We worked on several projects together and Justin & his team have been excellent to work with. I would not hesitate to recommend him & Profit911 to anyone at anytime! He has a ton of practical knowledge and will give you the straight answer and the best approach.”

Bryan Durkin

“I LOVE having Profit 911 prepare our monthly newsletters. He provided us a great template making it easy to fill in the blanks and then he gets everything printed and shipped. It’s really easy to work with them and the team is extremely responsive!”

Emily LaRu

“Profit 911 did an incredible job with my recent direct mail postcard. The customer service and care you will receive from Justin and his team is above and beyond. They made the process easy, simple and efficient! Thank you for helping me with this project, I will definitely use them again.”

Ms. Benzie

“I work with a nation-wide training company. With so many of our client employee’s working from home, getting the training materials to them while allowing them to maintain confidentiality of their home address became a challenge.

Profit 911 Consulting Inc provides on demand printing and shipping for our training classes. We provide the link, the client’s employee fills out the shipping form themselves, and Profit 911 ships the next day.

Having quality printed materials to complement the training has reduced ‘zoom’ fatigue and enhanced the impact of the training.

Profit 911 has been very responsive as we got up and running. The printing is professionally done to our specs. The clients love this solution. So do I.”

Kimberly Meyer

“Excellent team to have onboard for your business. They will turbocharge your online presence.”

Henry Goudreau

“They are like your little marketing nija’s. You have a vision and they figure out how to make it a reality! Very pleased with their service. A lot gets done in a short amount of time! Highly recommend!”

Carrie Schultz

“These guys are the best. I work with them for a variety of marketing and mailing items and they are extremely professional, easy to work with and get great results. I highly recommend.”

Jonathan Donenfeld

“If you are looking for someone with “know how” regarding marketing I would look no further. Both Justin and Al have greatly helped my podiatry practice with insight and answers. Many times I am not sure what to do or just need another set of eyes and these guys are great.

Specifically they have done for me a monthly newsletter to all my referral sources in the community. It is great I have a running Google Sheet that I add names to as they come into my head or when I meet someone. They write up the newsletter and I add in one of my own articles that I think would be helpful. If it is bad they let me know and recommend the best ones for response. Then Tess sends it out monthly and I get copies sent to my office to give to some patients.

They also add Google Reviews to the back page of the Newsletters (my idea) and they add in Shout Outs to those that refer patients (their idea).
It is worth a talk to chat with Justin or Al, nothing but great results with no pressure!

I included a picture of my newsletter below.”

Donald Pelto

“Highly recommend profit 911. I was having a difficult time keeping my company busy 12 months a year. I tried endless different advertisements and couldn’t get the potential clients I needed to keep my company going every day. That changed when I met Justin and he showed me what he could do through the mail. Since I first started working with profit 911my company has eliminated almost all of the other advertisements and has been saving money to hire on more help. Thanks again Profit 911”

Kyle Bieniek

“I just started working with this company a few months ago, and I am very pleased with the results we are achieving.
Everyone there is fantastic. From Cami, who answers the phone (and e-mails to apologize for a dropped call which was probably MY fault), to Al, my account manager, and right on thru to Tess, who lets me know “it’s in the mail” when our current print job is completed, they are so helpful, knowledgeable and professional.”

Alicia Combs

“Justin and his team are brilliant at what they do. Justin as not only helped us with our print and fulfilment projects, he has also consulted with us about the right approach to take in the US which has been really helpful. Would definitely recommend him, his team and Profit 911”

James Lyon

“The brochure was very professional as well as the logo. I was happy with the pricing. It was just a little higher that what it was costing me to do it in house. It was like night and day in comparison to what we were doing”

Evelyn Edwards

“After trying to do direct mail on my own and…well the team at Profit 911 took over. Our phone rings now from our marketing. It goes out every two weeks, consistently. We have a complicated mailing schedule and they track it and send off each piece timely. I love the care they have taken to get our pieces out and double check what we want to make sure it it done right. Thank you Profit 911.”

Sharon Lewis

“For years I had my inhouse staff print and mail out newsletters. I finally came across Profit 911 and it was a gamechanger. The work product is wonderful, the turnaround time is fast and the savings i have compared to my own staff doing it is unbelievable. Direct mail and keeping in touch with old clients and prospects is very important and I have had many people come back for other work because they remember me and many prospects who were on the fence hire me later. I would highly recommend them.”

Tomes Law

“Al, and his team in the virtual marketing department are wonderful to work with!! They are incredibly patient, knowledgeable and thorough. They are an essential part of our marketing team.”

Megan Godoy

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