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Sacrifice Now for Rewards Later


    It’s Christmas week and the business world seems to be slowly shutting down. When I dropped our boys off at daycare this morning, there were about half as many kids as normal. When I tried to go to the preschool to drop off forms, I found it closed until Jan 4th. I figured office workers would still be present for a couple days, but that wasn’t the case. All around the world people are starting their vacations. Many will not return until after Jan 1st.

    When I drove in to my office building today I saw the opposite. Our parking lot was very busy. Moreso, than normal. This building is filled with small businesses. Us small business owners are still working our tails off. It is not a holiday yet. There is work to be done, money to be made, and customers who depend on us. It would be easy to ignore that, shut the doors, and take a break but at what cost? How much opportunity would be lost?

    Dedicated small business owners are working. They are trying to figure out how much they can get done in the rest of the year, not how much can get pushed off. The recognize the value of family time and will be present with their families when the time is appropriate but will not squander either family time or work time. These people deserve a pat on the back and do not normally get one. We don’t work for that pat on the back. We work for ourselves and our families. We do what we think is best. We work hard now so that we can reap the fruit of our efforts later. We sacrifice in the short term to gain in the long run. We do it all because we care.

    Keep up the good work my friends! What you do is important and needs to be done.

    Best wishes,
    Justin Miller
    Chief Strategist
    Profit 911 Consulting