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Service Matters, Unless you are the government!

    Pile of old airmail letters

    A few months ago my inner circle members got to hear from Keith Lee author of ” How to Out Nordstrom, Nordstrom” and “The Happy Customer Handbook”. We learned tons of things to implement to provide a better customer experience and how that impacts the bottom line.

    While it probably comes as no surprise, the US Government has just given me the exact opposite experience… specifically, the postal service. I had just prepared a shipment to my members and have several boxes to send our priority mail (after paying a couple hundred dollars in postage). One of the reasons I chose to ship postal service over UPS or FedEx was their relatively good print and ship interface and free carrier pickup.

    So I prepped the order, requested pickup for the next day, and left them outside our entry door. At the end of the pickup day I got an email saying “This email confirms that a Package Pickup was attempted, but was unsuccessful. Package Pickup was not completed because the package(s) were not available for pickup.”

    Funny since they were in the exact place I selected and wrote explicit instructions for. Even have them on my security cameras sitting there since the day before. So I called my operations manager to see if he knew anything. He indicated that the post office called him and told him they would not pick them up inside and they have no way to contact our carrier as they don’t know the cellphone number (a lie I am sure). If we wanted them picked up, we had to put them outside in the rain by the mailbox.

    What? Only option is to put them outside in the rain? Seriously? They will not set foot inside the building (multi unit building with common hallways). Every other delivery person in the world does. Someone from my office ending up having the drive all the packages to the post office (costing time and money).

    It is stupidity like this that causes the post office to continue to lose money and be the governments largest welfare program. This would not be tolerated in private enterprise or small business. From now on, if it doesn’t fit in the blue box, it ain’t being shipped with the postal service. My companies alone spend about $5,000 per year on postage for mailings. If I had a better choice, I would use it. Instead, I encourage you to support businesses that understand service and make sure that you are giving it to your customers. If you don’t nothing I teach you about marketing is going to help your business. It will only hasten your demise (unless of course you work for the government).

    [end rant] Justin Miller
    Chief Strategist
    Profit 911 Consulting