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Starting out on your own…

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    I received this question from a subscriber and thought it may help you as well…

    “I am struggling with emotion in a business situation. Basically, I am a DJ and photo booth owner, and I bought my own DJ equipment for gigs that I find or come my way and the company I work for (the owner) is taking this move as competition.  We have built something great over the past 5 years and I do not want to leave him, because he books me regular and pays me well.  I just want my own equipment for my own things……and all the money for it.  We are real close friends and he is freaking out his best DJ is leaving him. Not leaving……just adding to the brand and make some money for my family.” What to do?

    I have a few thoughts. First from your employers standpoint. Shame on them for not planning and laying out a process for this. In our company, we have policies laid forth and signed on day 1 of a new hire that go over these policies. We have a no-compete agreement valid for a certain time period and certain distance after employment with us ceases. Your current boss just learned this lesson the hard way. After I learned the hard way and you started on your own, I would likely terminate your employment and move on.

    Some thoughts for you. Your boss probably depends on you for a good portion of income and does see this as a direct threat to that. Right or wrong doesn’t matter, that is how it is perceived. You need to put on your boss hat for a minute and see how you would want your employee to approach this if the situation was reversed. Did this person train you from the ground up or were you hired on with skills already in place and just put to work? Have you discussed this possibility with him or did you just say this is the way it is?

    The bottom line is it may be time for you to move on or you may have already decided to do so. My best advice is to talk it through, remain friends, and do not burn your bridges even if you no longer work with him. The sting will lessen as time goes on and likely you can refer business to each other long term.

    There is no cut and dry right or wrong choice here and it will be a hard one. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

    Best wishes,
    Justin Miller
    Chief Strategist
    Profit 911 Consulting