“If you are looking for someone with “know how” regarding marketing I would look no further. Both Justin and Al have greatly helped my podiatry practice with insight and answers. Many times I am not sure what to do or just need another set of eyes and these guys are great.

Specifically they have done for me a monthly newsletter to all my referral sources in the community. It is great I have a running Google Sheet that I add names to as they come into my head or when I meet someone. They write up the newsletter and I add in one of my own articles that I think would be helpful. If it is bad they let me know and recommend the best ones for response. Then Tess sends it out monthly and I get copies sent to my office to give to some patients.

They also add Google Reviews to the back page of the Newsletters (my idea) and they add in Shout Outs to those that refer patients (their idea).
It is worth a talk to chat with Justin or Al, nothing but great results with no pressure!

I included a picture of my newsletter below.”