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The Big Accounts

    Big Payout Many Checks Rich Wealthy Money Pile

    Right now, my staff and I are beginning setup on a very large job for Saturday. This account is billing close to five figures. It is a great opportunity during what is a slow season for us. I tell you this not to brag, but to encourage you to offer high end and expensive services and products.

    Not only do they smooth out cashflow, but they can be highly profitable (usually not one by one but put together). Here is the lesson, you need to advertise and promote expensive packages or you will never book them. You need them listed right alongside everything else you offer. Not only does it make everything else look less expensive, but it is almost guaranteed you will never get the high paying customer if it is not listed. There is a such thing as being too cheap. The customer sees you as inferior and not in their league. They do not trust you and they will further negotiate you down. This doesn’t happen nearly as much on higher end products and services.

    Do it today. Add a super-deluxe offering to your pricelist and try to sell it. You will likely be super surprised when someone books it without batting an eye.

    Best wishes,
    Justin Miller
    Chief Strategist
    Profit 911 Consulting