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The Importance of Downtime

    El Morro Fortress, San Juan, Puerto Rico

    A small business owners we all know logically that we need some down time. The problem is that if you are true entrepreneur your brain doesn’t stop. You are always thinking about how to overcome a challenge or how to take advantage of a new opportunity. Studies show us over and over that we are better able to think creatively and overcome challenges when we take time to get away long enough to see the big picture. When we are active and have different experiences in the world it allows us to see other viewpoints we were previously blind to. I encourage you to make time for yourself, both professionally and personally.

    Professionally you really should spend at least two days a year on a “strategic retreat.” At a minimum rent a hotel room that you are not usually at (the nicer the better). Find a place where you can think uninterrupted. Shut down the electronics and just focus. This is the time to get your gameplan together.

    Personally, plan a real vacation. Not a couple of days tagged onto the end of a business trip, but some time actually fully devoted to vacation. My wife and I will be doing that startingtomorrow as we head to Puerto Rico. She has a high-stress job in healthcare and my mind thinks business nonstop. The kids will be staying with family and we are spending some time just for us (which does not happen as often as it should). I suggest you plan some time for yourself right now as well. It can be during a slow time for your business if that works best but do it.

    Likely, you will not hear from me again until next week but if I have something I am dying to share you might.

    Best wishes,
    Justin Miller
    Chief Strategist
    Profit 911 Consulting

    P.S. If you have been to or live in Puerto Rico and have some ideas on what we should do, reply and let me know.