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The trap of the familiar

    thinking and results feedbackFirst off, my apologies for the length of time since my last tip was setnt out. As many of you know, I will in Las Vegas for most of last week speaking and presenting a workshop. The week before that was almost 100% dedicated to preparing the workshop materials.

    It now has been just under a week since me and some staff have returned to the office. While at the expo, we got all fired up and re-energized to kick some butt. New ideas and new ambitions were formed. Everybody always has the best of intents when they learn new ideas and get around other business owners. The problem is what happens when we get back home.

    Most people very quickly get back into their same old routines and habits they had before the left. Within a week they are conducting business the same as usual. Everything they just spent time and money to learn is already out the window. They have good intentions of implementing what they learned but never actually find the time to do anything about it. It’s normal and it yields normal results.

    If you want extraordinary results, you have to take extraordinary action. Action is how you get ahead. Action is what I help people with. Action is what you need. Back away from your usual routine and spend an hour intentionally creating a new routine and plan of action. Take a look at everything you are going and see if it all is part of achieving your stated goal. If it isn’t, then don’t do it.

    Yes, this will be hard. Great success is not easy. Good things come to those that are intentional about making them happen.

    Best wishes,

    Justin Miller

    Profit 911 Consulting

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