When you mail out hand-written direct mail, the open rate soars up to 99% and the responses you get from these mailings will increase to over 30%. Those are statistics worth remembering when you’re trying hard to get your message into the hands of potential customers. By using an automated pen addressing service (Like the one we just launched here at Profit 911!), you can achieve these same impressive statistics for your own business, whatever that may be.

When you mail out these hand-written pieces, you’ll establish a connection with potential clients that will result in higher conversion rates, and more engaged customers. You can even vary the kind of pen that your message is written in, for instance using Sharpies, variable texts, multiple fonts, and adjustable pen pressure. It will make the recipient feel important and much more inclined to open and respond to your mailing.

You can use this technology on letters, postcards, brochures, and practically any other kind of printed material you’d like to send out. You can also use the technology just for addressing the recipient, just as a postscript, or to write the complete content of the letter. Any way that you choose to use it, you’re much more likely to get a response from the recipient because you’ve made a personal connection.

Here are some of the most important reasons you should be using hand-written addressing in your direct mail campaigns.

Increases readability and response rates

You can make any text on the letter or printed material stand out as desired, and that will increase the readability of your message. It’s crucial to send out a very readable letter, because those are the kind that are most often opened and read to the finish. Since the recipient actually read your message, it becomes more likely that they will respond to it, so your response rate is increased. With more responses, your return on investment will also increase, and it will all have been worthwhile.

Works on virtually all printed materials

You can use the technology for addressing a letter or printing some portion of the text on almost any kind of printed material at all. This means you are not limited to sending out letters, but you can also send out simple postcards as a follow-up to an earlier contact, or as a reminder to contact you about something important. That gives you some real flexibility in terms of what kinds of communications you send out to prospective clients, and that will increase the likelihood that you’ll get some kind of response.

Improves customer relationships

You’ll find that your relationships with customers and potential customers gets improved, because you’ve taken the time to personalize your communication with them, and they’ll know they’re not just receiving a broadcast mail that was sent out to thousands of others. You can mail out more frequently, because you’ll be able to use various printed materials, and this will allow you to make product announcements, alert users to promotions and discounts, and to offer special deals that are time-constrained. It will also have the pleasant result of improving customer retention, so you won’t have to spend so much on acquiring new customers.

Automation decreases mistakes

Given the fact that you’ll have the ability to automate some or all of the printed text on whatever you’re mailing, you can count on there being far fewer mistakes. This looks much more professional, and eliminates the possibility of turning off recipients because of numerous mistakes included in the text. By proofreading before your mailing goes out, you should be able to eliminate all such errors, and deliver a perfect communication to your target audience.

Reduces throwaways

Typically, a high percentage of direct mail materials end up in the trash, for the primary reason that it fails to capture the user’s attention quickly. The first thing any recipient will see on your direct mailing is the envelope, and if that envelope has hand-written text on it, that will capture the user’s attention, and save your mail from being discarded in the circular file. Nowadays, handwriting has become fairly rare, so chances are your hand-written envelope will at least make the recipient curious enough to open up the envelope and read on.

Makes recipients feel important

Whenever a recipient opens up a hand-written envelope, it will make them feel more important, because you actually took the time to write them a personal message. Everyone loves to be flattered in this way, and because you made the user feel important, they will go ahead and read through the rest of your message. Instead of just attaching a mailing label that got generated by computer, you actually wrote out their address and addressed them by name, and that makes them feel like a person of distinction.


Exceeds customer expectations

In order to win over a customer, you generally have to exceed their expectations by doing something out of the ordinary. Sending them a genuine hand-written message qualifies as something out of the ordinary, and it will definitely impress your users. Your mailing will stand out from your competitors because they’re probably still using mailing labels and you’ve taken the time to send a hand-written message to your potential customers.

Can be more memorable on festive occasions

Everyone loves receiving a hand-written message on holidays or on other special occasions, because it just gives a good feeling. It will make the recipient feel like you cared enough about them to write the message yourself, even during a busy holiday season or even better, if it happens to be around their birthday. Using this kind of approach, the effectiveness of your direct mail campaign can soar into the stratosphere, simply because you’ve made your recipients feel good about themselves in some way. It’s hard to beat a personal message from someone, in terms of how persuasive and powerful it can be. By making the most appropriate use of hand-written addressing and messaging, you can take your direct mail marketing to the next level.

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