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How to turn $400 into $15,000 legally!

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    You don’t have to deal drugs, rob a bank, or break the law to get an amazing profit in business. In fact, the more integrity you have the better you will do.

    I have shared many times previously that you need to offer some kind of high dollar service (relative to your average price). One more example just happened this week in our office…

    Yesterday morning I was working in the office before any other staff came in and the phone wrong. I picked it up and it was someone in need of a service that we offer (and subcontract in). It really wasn’t a big deal to us and we normally would make about $400 on arranging this service and subcontracting our vendor to provide the service (which by the way is not bad for a couple phone calls). I took the callers info and told her I would pass it along to the proper staff member when he got in that day.

    When my staff got it, I passed along the message but also told him I think there was a need for additional services on this one and he should explore further. I could smell money on that call. This is a sense that you need to learn to develop. Johnathan called her shortly thereafter and decided to meet her at her office and the event site to discuss further (no other person she called did this).

    When he arrived and they went over everything, he was enthusiastic and offered her much advice on a bigger vision for the event. We hunted around a bit for a budget number to work with by giving the usual range (we offer service from $500 to 50,000 so you really need to give us a general idea what we are working with). Get this… a $15,000 budget for the entertainment portion of the event. We have an awesome vision and a scaling it back to hit $15k (yes things can get expensive quick). I would say at this point we have 75% chance of securing the client around $15,000 that started as a potential $500. Best thing is about $8,000 of that will be profit.

    So lessons to learn…

    If you assume you miss out.

    If you don’t ask, you will never know.

    If you are lazy, you miss out.

    If you act like all your competitors you lose.

    This by the way is after putting out a $22,000 quote on a wedding this Monday. It can be done!

    Best wishes,

    Justin Miller

    Profit 911 Consulting


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