When a face to face presentation just isn’t possible…

Profit 911 Consulting can help your company or private practice design, write, host, and implement a webinar education or consultation process… FAST!

Benefits of a webinar:

  • Allows for connecting remotely
  • Gives you a longer time period to explain/educate your prospects
  • Can be put on “auto-pilot”
  • Build brand value in situations where immediate sales are not possible
  • Build trust with your prospects
  • Cost effective
  • Deliver your message in a one-to-many setting (saving you time!)

Types of webinars:

  • Live (public or password protected)
  • Pre-recorded
  • “Evergreen” (record it once and let it work forever)
  • Simulated Live (get the look and feel of a live webinar that can be repeated without you needing to present again)
  • Hybrid Webinars (recorded webinar with live q&a and/or chat)
  • Looking for something else? Just ask!

Looking for something else? Just ask! Due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic, webinars are more effective than ever and we are working to rapidly deploy them for our clients. We have a complete done-for-you package to get your webinar planned and executed as quickly as possible with as little of your time required as possible (we know things are crazy now). We are trying to make this as affordable as possible to help our entrepreneur friends. Please click the button below to schedule an appointment and we can discuss your options and for getting started. Investment starts as low as $1,997 (and yes we can be flexible with payment plans if needed during this crisis).