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Welcome to the Donald Trump Show


Like him or hate him, you have to admit that Donald Trump as a marketer gets an A+. He owns every discussion about the election. His ego overshadowed every other competitor on the stage at last night’s GOP debate. When the news interviews another candidate, they ask them about trump. Here are a few lessons from Donald that you can learn from.

1. Be yourself. Trump is really the only candidate that unique stands out to the average person. I am guessing the average man on the street knows that he is running for President and can’t name any of the other candidates. Trump appears as authentic right or wrong and what you see is what you get. He is often in a category of one when he responds to questions.

2. Be everywhere. Trumps owns the media right now. You can’t talk about the election without him. In your business, you don’t need the whole world talking about you, but you do need to be famous to your chosen niche market. They should start seeing you everywhere.

3. Don’t back down. Trump has indicated that if he is not the GOP candidate, then he may run independent. Nobody else dares even say that. He stands out. He believes he should win and so should you. I am guessing the general public likes this don’t back down president. Now it can be done to a fault but most people are too weak in their convictions.

That’s about it. This election is the Trump show. Your business should be just as prominent to your target customers. Stand for something, be yourself, be unique, and make it known. You won’t win over everyone but you really only need to care about the ones that hire you or buy from you.

Justin Miller
Chief Strategist
Profit 911 Consulting