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What do you really want?

    As many of you know, I just got back from spending 3 days in Arizona with one of the best sales trainers on the entire planet. I was able to spend the time in a room with about 40 other entrepreneurs who were all kicking butt in their respective businesses. Day 3 of the training is “call day” where we all actually use our knowledge and get to work (I know, weird right? Sales training where you actually sell). Anyhow, at the end of the day our room had generated $1,224,786 in deals. You read that right… over one million dollars.



    I spent the day talking to business owners just like you (maybe you were one of them even). I spent a ton of personal time and helped them formulate a solid plan that would add another $20,000 – $150,000 into their business in the next year. They all stated that is what they wanted. More money. The problem is they were not telling the truth.

    They didn’t want money. When I forced them to dig deeper, we found what they really wanted…. freedom to take weekends off and still make money, more time with their kids, have time to work on building another business, to get more high paying clients, to not have to work a part time job just to pay the bills, etc. This is really why we are doing what we do… right?

    It was scary for some of you to tell me these things. They are the things that sometimes we don’t even think about ourselves. They are the things that once you say them out loud they will haunt you until you achieve them. This is really what I help people to achieve. It is NOT about the money. There is always more money out there.

    The problem is that most of the things I listed above are perishable. The time is gone before you know it and it is nobody’s fault except your own. About 80% of the people I talked to I could have easily taken to their goals but when it came time for them to draw a line in the sand and find a way to make it happen only the brave moved forward. I can’t want you to be successful more than you do. You have to take the first step. You will have to do the work. I am merely your guide.

    If you are ready to quit messing around in your business… if you want to have breakthrough growth, if you want the freedom that comes with success, if you are willing to do the work… let’s talk.

    I have a few spots on my calendar open. Let’s talk for an hour and get you a plan that makes it worth getting up each day. Let’s get you a real sense of purpose and a roadmap to get there.

    Take the first step…..

    Check my calendar here and schedule an hour with me. It is the first step that is always the hardest…

    Justin Miller



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