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What Shark Tank’s Daymond John Told Me

    Justin with Daymond John

    Justin with Daymond John

    Last week I had the amazing opportunity to meet Daymond John in a closed door VIP session with about 40 other business owners. Daymond is one of the founders of FUBU and well known for his role on ABC’s hit show Shark Tank (which you should be watching). Anyhow, I got a chance to ask Daymond a question and picked up a few tidbits of gold that you need to know.

    Daymond repeatedly said during his keynote speech and when questioned in the VIP session that mentors are often the key between business success and failure. Coaches and those that can help you often will make or break you. It doesn’t matter what level of success or failure your business is at, there is somebody that can help you overcome the hurdles much more consistently and quicker than you could on your own.

    Tomorrow I will share with you the second piece of wisdom he gave…

    Justin Miller
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