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I confess, I can’t help your business

    That’s right. I can’t help you. I got this email last week from one of my private consulting clients that really pointed out why and I wanted to share it with you.

    Costa Rica Jungle Beach

    Good morning Justin;

    I’m doing GREAT!! It’s 5am here in Costa Rica. I’ve been up for an hour and a half just waiting for the sun.

    Our event here went spectacularly well, client super pleased, local help did excellent. Basically a fully paid vacation.
    I’m writing to you listening to the surf off my giant balcony.  We are in Jaco a surfer beach town about 2 hours from the San Jose, the capital.
    Once I’m done writing this I will run 2-3miles on the black volcano sand beach, do my yoga stretch then swim in the Ocean!! Bottom line, LIFE IS VERY GOOD!!
    But, it didn’t get this way by accident. Mike, and I created this life and continue to do so on a daily basis.
    We are both very excited to have you in our world and a part of our team. We expect great things from you. We realize WE need to put in effort and put people in place that can execute on your ideas.
    Did you catch the most important sentence and lesson that email?
    But, it didn’t get this way by accident. Mike, and I created this life and continue to do so on a daily basis.
    That’s right. If you are waiting for everything to be perfect, taking care of other problems right now, running without a plan, or think you can wait and do it later… you are wrong! You are in the exact place you deserve to be based on your actions to this point. Things WILL NOT get better on their own. A new politician elected to office is NOT going to improve your life or business. YOU are the one that must take the action.
    In the same token, I can’t help your business. That’s right. It is up to you. I can arm you with the tools, knowledge, vision, and shortcuts but ultimately you are responsible for your success or failure (regardless of how much you spend with me). You have to take the steps. If you succeed it is all because of YOU, if you fail it is all because of YOU. This is not about me, I confess that your results are due to your own action or inaction. I am a mere coach along the way.
    Justin Miller
    Profit 911 Consulting
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