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Winning the Facebook Battle


    Happy Monday everyone! Hope you are refreshed and ready to kick some butt this week.

    I wanted to share a troubling trend that I am starting to see with my clients. Too many people focus on one area of marketing their business and completely ignore everything else. This is very dangerous.

    Last week, I did a few strategy sessions with some businesses in the event industry. As part of my preparation for their free session, I took a moment to look at their website and social media profiles. There was tons of activity on their social media page. They were posting all the time and doing a great job. They were killing it. The problem is that they weren’t doing much else.

    In today’s business world, social media is very important. It is important to remember is it just one small piece of the puzzle though. It is just one battle in the war to win a customer.
    Furthermore, it is also the one place that is the most crowded. Seriously, all of your competitors have a facebook page. It doesn’t cost anything. It is also pretty easy for them to look just as good as you in the facebook world. How many of them do you think do any direct mail, print ads, telemarketing? One? Two? None?

    You need to be everywhere. Don’t just do the easy cheap things. What if facebook decides to change the game and make businesses pay $2k per year to have a page? Uh-oh. Could be a problem. Not so if you have 20 other ways to get a customer.

    Have a great week and don’t over rely on any one marketing method.

    Justin Miller
    Chief Strategist
    Profit 911 Consulting

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